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The Dress

How many of you girls have your dress? Have you shopped around yet? There are always two standpoints on this in my opinion, a lot of girls think your sense of style or preference will change if you buy too early, and others have no problem buying early. 

What do you girls think? 
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Re: The Dress

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    Styles can change and you might change your mind. There are plenty of girls on some of the other boards who ended up with more than one dress because they shopped too early.

    Despite what some will tell you, depending on where/what designer you go with your dress can take 9+ months to come in. My sister's did and it wasn't custom or anything.

    I would prob purchase about a year and a half out. I want to make sure it arrives, is altered, more than the week before the wedding.

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  • I had a dress I was very interested in but it didn't work out.  So I'm thinking I will start dress shopping really hard sometime next summer.  Definitely agree that if you find something you like, go with your gut -- and then STOP shopping.  Otherwise, wait until you know for sure
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  • I went dress shopping soon after getting engaged and I found my dress (it's in my profile)! I didn't buy it but I have the designer's name and the style number. I will most likely purchase it around this time next year, I refuse to try on anymore dresses for fear I will fall in love with more than one
  • I've been dress shopping a couple of times and I think I found my dress, but I'm not 100% so I'm going again in December jsut to try on a bunch more and make sure everything is how it should be :) I would order about a year and a half out at the earliest. But that's me. Everyone is different :)
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  • I found my  dress but  not  going to order  it till dec  of next year
  • Just bought mine today!  I wasn't planning on buying today, I thought I would still go to 8 different stores but I saw it in a bridal magazine before I went, and then I went to a wedding show and it was on a maniquin, and then I went to the dress shop today and I saw it hanging up and I screamed I was soo excited!  I tried it on and my mother in law immediately started to cry, so I knew it was the one!  Plus the best part it was only half the price of what I orginally budgeted for my wedding dress!  Go me!
  • bought mine the other day. I fell in love with it online and it was the only one I tried on. Fit like a lgove and they offered me the "floor model" in my size for 40% off!!!  I love it!!!  It fit like a glove too. Its strapless and I have a larger chest but it didnt budge once
  • I bought mine from etsy. It's a beautiful mon cheri, off the shoulder beaded bodice with a plain skirt and a beaded train. I started crying just looking at the pictures online, so I knew it was the one.
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  • Bought mine today Laughing wedding is 9/1/2012

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