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Need Honest Opinions Please!

I feel like the people I am asking are just appeasing me because everything I suggest they say "that sounds good" I need real honest feedback on this menu :)

Large fruit display
Large vegetable display
Crab dip with tortillas & pitas

Mixed greens salad bar with dressings and toppings

Seasoned green beans

Garlic mashed potatoes with toppings

Chicken Strips w/ dipping Sauce

Honey baked ham with pineapple rings

Dinner rolls

Includes tea, water, punch and side sauces

We do not have any vegetarians attending, however we have several children including our 4 attending, so it is important to me that I have foods that they will like as well. Honest opinions please! Thanks Everyone!
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Re: Need Honest Opinions Please!

  • I think your menu sounds good.  The only thing I was thinking is not everyone (especially kids) might like crab dip.  Are you having a ranch/veggie dip with the veggie tray?  If you are, then I think this would be fine.
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  • I"m with Christine - it really DOES sound just fine!
  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    Overall I think your menu sound good.

    I *might* add another appetizer.   Maybe a cheese tray, hummus or spinach dip or something else to use with the pita?  Some people do not like crab (or have shellfish allergies) but want something more than veggies and fruit.

    Just a suggestion.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • I agree with lynda about adding cheese to the appetizers (I like crab but every single crab dip is different so there's no way of knowing if I'd like it.....I always like cheese). 

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    I also think you should substitute the crab dip for something more universally appealing, either a different dip, or a cheese platter.  The chicken strips sound very "kids meal" to me, can you substitute a chicken dish that's more appealing to adults?  I know you said you have a few children attending, but they should adapt to the adult menu rather than serving kid food to adults.
  • I, too, was wondering about the format of the wedding - formal or casual?

    I find dip to be popular with fruit - a yummy one is yogurt (prefer Greek) with honey, almond extract and cinnamon - there are many different types out there.

    As for the chicken - is it breaded and do you have any gluten free guests?
  • I think that menu sounds awesome and would love to attend! :)

    No matter what you provide on the menu, everyone is not going to like everything. So what if the kids,or adults for that matter, don't like crab dip? It's not like that the only thing you are serving.
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  • Thanks everyone :) I am considering adding a little more to the menu, the wedding is not really casual, but not super formal either, it is at a historic castle, the chicken strips are geared toward the children :) we have 4 ourselves as well as a few attending, so feeding them is a priority, although they would be just as happy with ham. I think where I am running into issues is that I want to make sure that we have enough options with out going overboard, while we are not maxed out on budget, I do not want to be wasteful either! Finalizing the menu has by far been the hardest decision I have had to make! Thanks again!
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  • i think it sounds great and i'm a picky eater!!
    the only thing i wouldn't eat is the dip and (because i hate dips and sauces) and the ham because i'm partial to my mom's ham recipie.  I still think it's a great menu!! 
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