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HELP!!! Cant find a dress

Ok Ladies. I know I have a ton of time before my day but i am so organized that this is the last thing I need to do and its the most important. I can not for the life of me find a dress.  I only been to 3 stores and tried about 20-25 dresses on.  It just seems like no one has what I want. I am looking for a traditional ballgown , drop waist with a ton of beading all over the dress.  For some reason I cant find anything anywhere that does look like someone took scissors to the dress and cut it up.... Any advice would be great

Re: HELP!!! Cant find a dress

  • Mia2700Mia2700
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    There are some options here <-- clicky.  I didn't realize this was difficult to find.

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you for giving me that information but it is that hard.   I didnt like not one of those dresses.  I want a traditional ballgown.  Nothing with feathers, or lace or ruffles, nothing like that. I want the entire bodice beaded from top to bottom and i want beading on the dress itself plus very detailed on the train and I just cant find it. To get my dress made you have have a seamress you trust and I DONT
  • Musicheals71Musicheals71
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    Sometimes you need to be a little less picky and a lot more open-minded, and then, all of a sudden, you'll find THE dress!  GL!

    Have you tried David's?  Or, you can look on eBay for ideas.
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    I honestly understand because I couldn't take the feathers and things like that... I tried dresses on at like four different places and hated everything until I went to David's... the Oleg Cassini line is beautiful and they tend to have more of the traditional gowns than some of the other places out there. I don't have the style number unfortunately but I DID try on a dress there that had an entirely beaded bodice and a gorgeous train that was longer than my chapel train (I don't think it was quite cathedral but it was long and had a lot of beading.) I'm not sure how long they keep their styles but I'd say there's a good chance they have something similar if not that. A lot of people don't want to try David's since it's not a boutique or salon or anything but honestly it's worth a shot!

    On a totally opposite end of the scale, there's always Kleinfeld's! They always say they have every dress there!
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    Yea ditto to just trying to relax, try on every type of dress and it will come to you.  I actually ended up with a dress like you want, which was sorta what i was going for, but i didnt want the train.  I went to David's, which if you are thinking about doing, definitely go to the deptford one.  They are a million times nicer there than the one in mays landing and I have to agree with the recent review of them that they're pretty bad!

    This was my dress:   http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_A-line-with-Beaded-Embroidered-Metallic-Bodice-V9364_Bridal-Gowns-Shop-By-Designer-Davids-Bridal-Collection

    They have quite a few dresses like that and also the oleg cassini line has tons of of that style as well.  HTH!
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  • Jamy0807Jamy0807
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    I went with the Ava by Maggie Sottero. Maggie has a lot of styles. Check out her line.
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    I went to Tesi Bridal Boutique. It is located in Ventnor, NJ (the town next to Atlantic City). They have a great selection. Also, if you see something you like from online you can create a wish list and email it to her. Then she will make sure she has that dress the day of your appointment. 

    Here's links to dresses you may like: 

    www.efashioncentral.com/tesibridal/detail.php?ProdId=3537182&CatId=3251&thisOffset=0&resPos=12&pSort=#subtitle" title="Dress 1">http://www.efashioncentral.com/tesibridal/detail.php?ProdId=3537188&CatId=3251&thisOffset=0&resPos=6&pSort=#subtitle

    or: http://www.efashioncentral.com/tesibridal/detail.php?ProdId=3537182&CatId=3251&thisOffset=0&resPos=12&pSort=#subtitle

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    Thanks again for your help. There is nothing at Davids I like.  Also it has nothing to do with being patience or keeping an open mind. I am a bride that knows what she wants, I dont want to settle for something I dont want.  Exactly what I described is what I want. Come on you are all brides, you want what you want 
  • coraloccoraloc
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    Did you check Demetrios at the Cherry Hill Macy's?  They tend to have ball gown styles, and Mary's Bridal also has a lot of beadwork on their gowns.

    I hope you have some luck finding something!
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    Have you tried looking into Prescilla of Boston?  I don't know what your budget is, but that designer has more traditional stuff.  Very classic/elegant.   They have a location in PA.

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    Thank you again for your help..... I acutally had to get my dress made.  I pulled a top off one dress and a bottom of another dres... Demetrios was the designer
    thanks again 
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