Searching for reasonably priced photography

Hi all! I'm hoping someone can offer recommendations on a lower priced photographer in the Pittsburgh area. I'm really only looking for 2-3 hours of coverage that would take place at the ceremony site and one additional outdoor site (we're not planning to have any professional pictures at the reception).

I'm on a budget, so the price has to be under $1000. I'm having a lot of trouble finding any photographers for under that price, so hopefully someone has had some luck and can offer advice! :-)

Re: Searching for reasonably priced photography

  • We went with Angel's Vision Photography. It's a husband and wife who both shoot together and their cheapest package is under $1,000! Our wedding is in May so I can't recommend based on my wedding, but they have a good sample of their work on their website. I would definitely say you should check them out.
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  • I booked Third Floor Orchard - She's new to the Pitt area and a newlywed herself. She's super nice to work with and was under $1,000 for 8 hours so I'm sure it would be within your budget. I did engagement photos with her too before booking my wedding and she gave us a discount for the big day. Good luck. 
  • Kim fetchinger is who we are using and I paid 800.00 for 6 hours.
  • We're using Caitlin Thomas Photography and she has packages but you can also create your own. She is a very talented young photographer, who shoots with her husband so you get two photographers essentially and she out of all of my research I did, she seemed to have the best quality for the cost. If you email her, I'm sure she can work something out for you!
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  • Check out She is a friend who did our epics and they turned out great!  I'm sure she could work with your budget. 
  • Thanks everyone- these are great suggestions and a huge help in my planning! :-)
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