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rehersal dinner in ac

hi... does anyone have any suggestions on places to have our rehersal dinner / rehersal cocktails type party in atlantic city?

Re: rehersal dinner in ac

  • TaraW1979TaraW1979 member
    edited December 2011
    Hard Rock in Showboat

    Continential at the Pier

    Angelos Fairmount Tavern

    The Chelsea

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  • edited December 2011
    the chelsea would be cool- i've never been to a party there, but DH and i stayed there last year for a night. its a neat hotel with a really cool "vibe". it would neat if you wanted kind of a "trendy" coctail party type thing.

    Carmines in tropicana might be good too. family style italian. you order a few things for a the whole table,  and they bring huge plates of it. REALLY good!

    outside of AC, about 20 minutes away or so is The Gourmet restaurant. thats good, too- and i'm pretty sure they have a couple different rooms for parties.
  • reliartreliart member
    edited December 2011
    all good suggestions.

    also angelo's in AC  - super yummy italian, very old school (not at all modern, but that is part of its charm!)

    if you are into mexican, the restaurant mexico in ventnor (but right on border of AC) is delish! not fancy, but the food is incredible and very reasonable. would not be good for super big RH, more like 20 or less.
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    Ditto to the pp's suggestions.

    Our wedding was in AC and we had our rehearsal dinner at the Ram's Head in Absecon which is only a few minutes outside of AC.  It was fantastic!

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    The Melting Pot is FABULOUS... they have a few private rooms and the drinks are great, the room is great and the service is even better. We've done several special occasions there and every time has been better than the last.
  • lp2nelsonlp2nelson member
    edited December 2011
    thanks everyone!

    Angelos has been on the top of my list... but I haven't been there is YEARS and didn't know how they handled private parties.... soo it's good to see it strongly suggested

    Continental was one of my first thoughts... While I've been to the old city philly one for a private (bachelorette) party... I don't remember it being $50 per person (obv without drinks)... but then again that was a FUN night!

    Had thought of The Chelsea... but we looked there for the wedding reception... so I felt weird following up for this... but I did love the room they had for cocktail hour!

    Melting Pot is a good one... But me and some of my family are lactose intollerant :( as much as my fiance would love to go... not sure it would work.

    Also... I'm trying my hardest to keep it IN Atlantic City... about 80% of our guests will be coming from out of town, so cabs from the hotel will be ideal.

    Thanks for the help!
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