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Too Weird?

I'm getting married for the second time and want to wear the same dress I wore for my first wedding. I just have always LOVED my dress, plus it will save A LOT of money to just have some simple alterations to it (it's long sleeved and I plan on making it sleeveless) It was my dream dress before and it still is my favorite. Not too mention it's really unique now that it's so different from todays styles, which after a while, all look pretty much the same to me. My fiance has no problem with it, in fact thinks it's beautiful. Is it just too weird to reuse my dress?

Re: Too Weird?

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    I personally couldn't/woun't do it but if you love it and FI says its ok than go for it.
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    Would I do it personally? No. I was previously engaged and purchased a dress for that wedding but ended up calling it off and sold the dress. I loved the dress, but in my head I bought it to marry my ex in and the though of marrying someone else in it just weirded me out.

    With that said, you're really the only one who has to be happy with the decision. So as long as you and your FI are ok with it (and from the sounds of your OP, he is) then I would say it's ok to have it altered and wear it again.

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    Personally, I wouldn't do it. It would be too weird for me, and I know DH wouldn't have been happy about it.

    But if you and your FI are both okay with it, why not? Your opinions are the only ones that really matter here.

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    Hey there- that is such an interesting question! I think that it is totally fine- you and your fiance are both totally okay with it which to me makes it obvious that the dress doesn't symbolize your first marriage to either of you, and neither of you are superstitious about it! Plus, you are altering it into a different style. A lot of women would look at that dress and all they would see is memories of their first husband so it would feel so weird to wear it at the second wedding. It isn't the dress itself that is weird it is the way you feel about it. I personally am okay with it but I could see the following issues-
    1.) Guests at your wedding may recognize the dress and say that it's weird that you want to wear it again.
    2.) Your fiance may secretly want you to wear a new dress. (Although I highly doubt it, most guys would say something if they felt this way.)

    So really only problem number one. And it's not really that big of a deal if someone does say something or think something they probably won't say it to you. And they'll forget all about it in no time. If you are sure that you are okay with it then don't worry about how weird or normal it is. Obviously most people wear a new dress when they get married- or at least new in the sense that they haven't been married in it before- but just because most people do it doesn't mean that now you have to as well.
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    I am using my dress from my first engagement, but we called the wedding off, in my eyes it's "the one", so i think it's totally fine to wear it. Like PP some of the guests may notice, but if you make it sleeveless, it may give it a whole new look!!
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:15Discussion:32647b55-1fd1-4930-9902-cfdc8fa3d918Post:17917bb5-227b-427b-be10-560a6c3d684c">Re: Too Weird?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I am using my dress from my first engagement, but we called the wedding off, in my eyes it's "the one", so i think it's totally fine to wear it. Like PP some of the guests may notice, <strong>but if you make it sleeveless, it may give it a whole new look!!
    </strong>Posted by jjolovich[/QUOTE]

    Exactly what I was thinking.  If you guys are fine with it, I say do it.  It's your day and your dress.  :)
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    Ditto pp's, not my style personally but nothing wrong with it if it works for you and your fiance.  Sounds like your alterations, and I'm sure some new accessories and a different hairstyle, will give it a fresh look.  Agree that the only thing that might be awkward is people might notice and question it, but you can be prepared to handle that however you feel comfortable with.
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    i wouldnt personally. feel like it would bring bad karma/memories.....i would want to start fresh...but thats just me! if you feel comfortable doing it then go for it! it definetly would save $$$
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    Burn the sleeves you remove in a cleansing bonfire and call it a day. Wink

    Just kidding. I see no issue with it.  I am not superstitious and if you love it and it's okay with FI it just makes financial sense to use it again.  Hell, I'd love a reason to wear mine again!
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    I personally wouldn't wear the same dress that I had chosen to wear for another marriage. When I chose my dress I not only chose one I loved and felt great in, but also a dress I pictured myself walking down the aisle to my FI in. So I could never imagine wearing this dress with someone else no matter how much I love this dress.

    Now it is completely up to you and your FI, but I would never be able to wear the same wedding dress twice even if it had alterations done to it.
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    Thanks everyone! In regards to having people recognize the dress from before, most of the guests weren't there for my first wedding, the ones that were are my close family and they already know, lol. Plus I figure not only is this "THE DRESS" for me, if it weren't for my failed marriage, I would have never found Bill, and he is the true love of my life :)

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