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**Miss P.**

I don't have her address, and unforunately she never posts on the Nestie board either.

I DO have a link to the map making bio - and I'll see if I have a blank copy of the outline of that map. Do you have photoshop? If so, I might be able to send you a photoshop file.

Here's the map making bio:

Re: **Miss P.**

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    Also - I do have a basic map, but it's not the best quality. If you're at all computer savvy, the one you'd make yourself using the mapbio would probably work better. I'm more than willing to share what I've got though!
  • MissP.MissP. member
    edited December 2011
    Kaesha thank you so much, youre a sweetheart. I had no idea a map bio existed, you just made my life a lot easier =)

    FI is photoshop savvy and made me an outline of the map last night, now we just have to customize it with our activities, Olowalu, hotels, etc.(inspired by you)

    If I get stuck Ill definitely let u know! Thanks again!!
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     I responded to your original post below but in case you don't see it I'm gonna respond here too  :)  What's your email addie?  I can email you a .gif file of plumeriapal's map and a .psd file of the map I made/used (modeled after plumeriapal's!)
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