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NWR: Ugghh someone really pissed me off today!

So I'm a teacher and I had a parent meeting.  The parent is upset b/c her child is not meeting grade level expectations.  The child has not done well academically in prior grades either, and the lady has the nerve to blame me for her child's failure.  REALLY?  I'm not the one who is never home to help with his homework, involved in a crazy boyfriend relationship, and whose child has missed a significant amount of days from school every year!  And then she had the nerve to get all loud and GHETTO in our meeting like that would really change something.  Yall don't want to know all the things that were going through my mind at the time, but I remained professional.  Some people are just so damn ignorant, uggghhhh.. I just needed to vent...................  Who ever said a teacher's job is easy???
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Re: NWR: Ugghh someone really pissed me off today!

  • Awwww. {{HUGS}} My mom worked in APS for 34 years. She retired when this boy came in the media center and through a chair at her for asking him about his hall pass....

    I commend you for your patience. That's why I work in Finance and my FI works at the airport. His slogan: Bags don't talk back! His attitude is not made for personal interactions. LOL
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  • From one educator to another...God Bless You!!!! It is frustrating when parents blame you and if they could see that the child needs more support at home, that child's life could change for the better. Being reflective is a gift, and unfortunately she did not get that gift. 
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  • {{{{HUGS}}}}!! First thank you for being a teacher.  I am proud to say that although I have had to deal with my children's teachers alot, I am always respectful of you all as people.  Second, sorry to hear lil mama had to act so GHETTO!! I think there are some parents who really think teachers are suppsed to not only teach their child but raise them too.  Hang in there and I hope things get better for you.
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  • I admire and respect teachers. My FMIL is a teacher and always has some stories that make me say "Oh no they didn't!" and she is the sweetest most God fearing woman and I can't believe how some parents or kids come at her. Great job for remaining professional and keep up the good work. You are influencing some child to be better so don't get discouraged.
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