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July 2011 Weddings

So talk to me about...

Wedding Insurance. I've modified the knot list until it worked for me, but I just don't know what to do with this one. Is it a good idea? Are you getting it? What do you think about it?

Re: So talk to me about...

  • I'm not sure what it does... I really haven't looked into it.  I figure if something goes wrong as far as the financials are concerned... It's pretty much my fault for not checking the vendors' policies for things that go wrong/ refunds/ what happens if we cancel... Problem with that thought is... I'm not in a situation where wedding insurance would've come in handy.  Wait till I'm in one, and totally pissed off at a vendor.... Then I'll probably have a different opinion.
  • I'm not exactly sure what it is all about either. I feel like I knew what I was getting into when we signed contracts, and I am DIYing so much that I don't have a ton of vendors to work with where things could really go wrong. If I screw up I only have myself to cuss out, Lol. We're not buying it because I can't imagine anything happening where we'd really need it. 
  • are you talking about liability insurance for your venue?  That's the only insurance we are getting.  Our venue requires $1million liability insurance for the day of the event.  Which is not a big deal, most places in this area require that.  We can just add it on to our homeowners policy and it's only about $50 for the day of coverage.  Other than that I haven't heard of any kind of wedding insurance.
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