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banquet manager problems!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this message board deal, but wanted to ask if anyone reading these is or had dealt with bad banquet managers at their reception venue. The event manager of mine has been really hard to work with and I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and what I should do?

I'm close to asking if I can deal with someone else. When I talk to her it seems everyone else is more important than me, like she will say "Can i call you back I have to get to a table really quick" and then take literally 3 days (it took her almost 2 weeks to simply tell me they didn't do a contract when she is supposedly the event manager) before I just ended up calling her back because I was tired of waiting. I don't want to be "bridezilla" but i'm also tired of dealing with a manager who doesn't really seem to care about our business.

just wondering :)

Re: banquet manager problems!

  • shrades77shrades77 member
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    hey there - we had issues with our banquet manager taking FOREVER to get back to us on things, and it just seemed to get worse and cause more stress throughout the planning process.  We were literally still trying to get some answers/finalize things 3 days before our wedding.  I would try to talk to her about it first - send her a nice email explaining your concerns - and see if that works.  If it doesn't, then I would look into moving up the chain and inquiring about working with someone else.  Good luck!!
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    You should not have to deal with that!  If she does not have time for you, you should speek to her boss about her lack of time management.  She obviously is not good at her job if she does not treat you like the most important thing she has to do that day (even if you are not...she can at least pretend to you over the phone!) 

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