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September 2010 Weddings

Outdoor Ceremony - What time?

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, what time is it scheduled?  

We are getting married 9/10/11 but I thought some Sept 2010 brides might be able to give me some advice.  :)  The ceremony will be on a terrace that is in the shadow of the hotel.  I wanted to have a sunset ceremony, also we are doing a cocktail/stand-up buffet (not a sit-down dinner) which is more acceptable later in the evening.  I looked up the sunset/twilight time for that day and it is 6:30-7:00, which is exactly what I wanted time-wise but I'm worried it will be too dark since there is no direct sunlight there (especially if anything gets delayed).

Also we are in DC obviously the times are different in other places.

Re: Outdoor Ceremony - What time?

  • We're getting married September 10th this year! Our wedding is at 7:00, the sun should just be setting then.  Because of that, though, we're doing a first look so we can take pictures while there's still light out.
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  • We're getting married at the end of september at 3:30 in the afternoon so that we'll be able to enjoy some of the sunlight during cocktail hour & the early part of the reception.  what if you start the ceremony @ 6:00.  It would be cool to be pronounced H & W as the sun sets.  *sigh*
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  • 9/25 and our ceremony starts at 6:00.
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  • We're 09/05 and ceremony at 4:30.  You  might want to just run the idea by your photographer and see what they think about the lighting situation.  If you're in the shadow of a hotel, it may make a difference.

  • 9/04 at 4:30 -5 . Congrats!
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  • 09/18 5:30 PM the farmers almanac says the sun begins to set at 7 so that gives us 30 mins for the ceremony and enough time for pictures!
  • Ours starts at 5. About a year in advance, we went to our ceremony location to see what the light would be like at that time. I highly recommend that you do this!
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  • In Response to Re: Outdoor Ceremony - What time?:
    [QUOTE]9/25 and our ceremony starts at 6:00.
    Posted by jedaniel[/QUOTE]

    Same! Sunset is at 7:30 here. We want to have soft sunlight for the ceremony and dinner, then having dancing after the sun goes down. The tent is lighted, but half the tables are on the lawn and won't be lighted.
  • 9/25 at 4:00.  Our reception venue has amazing views, we're planning on catching the sunset there.

    We're also doing our photos in the afternoon, so we don't have to worry about lighting or a long gap for our guests between ceremony and reception.
  • mushEmushE member
    Ditto apple_green - we had decided on our location right after getting engaged, 11 mo. before the wedding, so we went there at the time we were thinking to check on the light.

    We're 9/5, ceremony 5-6.  We're a little worried about the heat at that time, but we've got kids at the wedding, and having them wait for dinner until 7 is bad enough already! 
  • We're on Sept 4th and starting our ceremony at 5.

    Yesterday we worked out that right now the sun is setting an hour later than it will on Sept 4th (we used the naval clock thinge webpage)  so we went to checkout the lighting at 4:00pm to see what the light will kinda be for us.    It's bright outside without the sun beating down and still light enough where we won't need artificial light for the cocktail hour.   We'll have lights for dinner.

    You might try our trick - go an hour early and look around.  We are in Philly so the sunset times should be pretty similar.
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  • We took note of what time the sun set on September 10th last year, and it was still plenty light enough outside at 7.  I'm not sure there will even be a pretty sunset backdrop for the ceremony like we had envisioned!

    We wanted to make it as late as possible, too, so it might be a little cooler.
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  • Ours is 9/25 at 3:00. 
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    Thanks everyone for the answers!  We are definitely going to go by with our photographer in September to see what the lighting is like that time of day, it's just that the venue is asking now for an approximate time now so there is no chance of double-booking our backup space (if it rains we will be in the banquet hall of the hotel - but I am counting on no rain like most outdoor brides!!).  I like diablesse's idea of going an hour later now... we were there last week from 6:00-7:00 to sign the contract (so I guess equivalent of 5:00-6:00 in September), and I remember it was a nice temperature and there was plenty of indirect light (we were able to read our contract, look at photos, etc. and none of the outdoor lights were on yet).  I guess I will just go with my gut for now, if we need to change it later or do pictures beforehand we will just make it work.  :)
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