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October 2011 Weddings

Wedding Colors [Poll]

Tell us a little bit about your wedding colors!  Answer the poll and don't forget to comment, sharing the colors you have chosen.  Feel free to post them as well using color squares or an inspiration board!
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Re: Wedding Colors [Poll]

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    Ours fits best into our theme from my own perspective at least.  I see the colors and think they give off a very vintage feel.

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  • I have multiple answers, lol.  Purple has always been a favorite of mine and I thought a dark purple would be so beautiful especially in the fall.  I had trouble coming up with another color to go with it and originally was going to go with magenta, cornflower and dark purple but there was WAY too much going on.  Plus, my mom hated that combo.  So she suggested Gold and even though I normally hate gold...I knew it was perfect.  Plus, it seemed vintage-like.  So with my mom's help (FI could care less about colors..haha) and a little envisioning...I thought it was a gorgeous combo.  :)

  • I kinda picked it just by random. 

    I was looking at pics on the knot of color weddings, and I really liked navy blue. So I was looking at BM dresses when I was getting one for a friend's wedding, and looked at swatches. Alfred Angelo's navy (I was told) photographs black, so I looked at other colors and fell in love with tealness. 

    I hate roses and carnations, so when I was debating on flowers I like gerbera daisies. Orange and red are fall colors, and I think they look pretty sweet against the darkness of the tealness.

    And then I just randomly picked ivory. Cause I'm cool like that. 
  • We don't REALLY have wedding colors, since it's the tartan, but I pulled the bridesmaid's dress color and the groomsmen vest color from the tartan.....sort of.

    We're going with navy for the bridesmaid's dresses and burgandy for the vests, since there is both blue and red in the tartan.....though green and black are more promanent.

    Mainly picked the colors because I found favor bags at Michaels that were wicked rockin' so I said "okay, these are the colors then"
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  • Our colors are Brown,Ivory with Red,Fuchsia and Pale Pink accents. I love Brown and I also wanted vibrant colors for the BM bouquets so that they will bring out their Brown dresses ,plus I think all these colors will look awesome together.

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  • our colors are ivory, sage green and victorian purple my dress is ivory my BM are in sage green my MOH is in victoroan purple so is the flower girl groomsmen are in tan suits no vests
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  • FI don't care about colors he just told me to pick them out he couldn't care less about it. So I fell in love with a soft pink and and light silver. Then while looking around I found a sage green that was an accent color at a similar color scheme and decided to pick it.
  • I'm still working on colors. All I know at this point is that it will probably involve some combination of blue and green. I'm considering apple green, navy, and pale blue, or teal, apple green and brown at the moment.
  • i recently saw wedding pictures w. the colors wine, champagne & ivory and absoluely fell in love with it! so somehow i think thats what im going to go with it...but then i like brown and taracotta ( sp? ) with other "fally" colors..who knows! lol (:
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  • We're doing orange with a little bit of green.  FI-to-be suggested orange and brown and as we watched a few bridal shows we started realizing that everybody does brown.  We don't want to be trendy, so we changed the brown to green. 
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  • ive gone back and forth between two color combos...1st peacock/teal blue, burnt orange (and other orange shades) & chocolate..FI refused to wear chocolate even though i was soooooooooooooooooooooo in love with this combo so i threw it out. for  #2 red & black..(he was so over the top totally cool with that because thats the colors of the GA Bulldogs..eew) and i felt like that was too stuffy and formal for my tastes..because we're having an outside wedding..and its just not going to be that formal..more relaxed, vintage country? if there is such a thing? so i went back to my first choice but i gave in and am sub-ing BLACK (which i feel is stuffy) for the chocolate which goes so well IMO with the oranges and peacock blue. but..its all about COMPROMISE.

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