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So I'm a couple days behind and even though it's on FB now I figured I would come here and get to do my "I'm engaged" post!  FI decided Saturday morning he wanted to go on a trip to Tahoe spur of the moment and since we live an hour and a half away we do that alot so it wasn't out of the ordinary.  We get up there and decide to get some dinner after playing the slots for a little bit.  He suddenly decides he HAS to go back to the room and I have to go too (apparently he started freaking about leaving the ring in the room and decided to do it RIGHT NOW instead of waiting till the next day).  I sat on the bed waiting for him to do what ever it was he decided he needed to do and next thing I know he's in front of me asking me if I will marry him.  I remember saying "oh $h!t are you serious" and him saying very serious.  I said yes, he pulled out the ring and put it on me.  The we went back downstairs, had drinks, and lost $50! 

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