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Florida-South Florida

Tent pricing questions

Anyone have any idea how much it will be to tent the reception? Approx 100 people. I'm interested in a clear tent but if its too expensive I would go with white. Also does anyone know about floor pricing? The area we are tenting is grass with grates so I'm thinking I need some kind of flooring. I'm starting to freak out that we can't afford the pricing of food and afford to tent it.

Re: Tent pricing questions

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    I'm having a tent at my reception for 150 people.  I'm getting a white 40x70 for around 1800, the flooring is around another 2400.

    Clear tents are much more.  If I didn't have the dance floor over the pool, I'd be going with clear.  For my rain plan, we have a clear tent to go over the pool, and for a 15x25 it's around 2000, which is more than my large tent for people to eat in.

    I'm using Platinum Tents, and they have been very knowledgeable and fair in their pricing.

  • adclovesadcloves member
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    I am not sure.... different companies price based upon several factors. Sub-floor for the dance floor, wooden floor, parquet. And the tent size. I would just google local companies in the area and ask them. Find out what is included and then you can call others and base your estimate on that.

    Hope that helps.
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    PP's post are about right, you might find some cheaper or more expensive but thats a goodrange to start off from

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  • Krysta6Krysta6 member
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    Thanks guys. I just wanted to get an idea since I did not budget for a tent/flooring
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    OOoo I hope it doesnt rain, I dont know if we can afford a tent!
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    I'm not sure if you've already booked your caterer, but if you haven't, some caterers have tents and I think they probably cost less through the caterer than through a separate rental company. For example, the caterer that I'm considering would include a white wedding tent for 100 for $650 (sorry, they don't have clear). HTH!
  • Krysta6Krysta6 member
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    I'm actually having it at a hotel outside so no outside caterer allowed. They may have recommendations on a tent vendor but I'm worried that all of their vendors will be $$$ since the list I've seen is top price vendors mostly.
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