April 2010 Weddings

for the girls that have pics back

from your photographer...

how are you girls going to decide which ones to put in the book that comes with your package???

and just curious... how are all of your thank you cards coming... i sent out a batch today... but we have ten more to go.


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Re: for the girls that have pics back

  • i just started my thank you cards. It's going to be a grueling process.

    We are going to make the books on our own. We're probably going to use a combination of retouched photos and untouched
  • Thank you notes are not quite going as i'd hoped haha The addresses have been written on the envelopes! Hopefully I will make some progress this weekend.

    As for picking pictures I think we will try and pick some from each point in the day (getting ready, ceremony, formal shots, reception shots) and make sure we get one pic of each important moment (first kiss, first dance, cake cutting and so on) and then fill things in around that.
  • We don't have our pictures yet, but I haven't started the Thank You card process...we are waiting for pics for that because we're going to do a picture thank you card, that our photography studio is going to make from a shot that we select. I really would like to have started that by now, though...!
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  • pag4989pag4989 member
    I am not sure yet how we are going to choose the pics. And I haven't started the thank you cards yet... I think I am going to start those this weekend.
  • I uploaded the pictures (yes all of them-we had 608 with 6 hrs) on costco.com's photo center and had them printed, with some additional extras to put in frames. We didn't have prints or an album as part of our package and it's so expensive to get 1 album. Since we ordered over 500 pics, they were $.10 per photo, and I'm going to buy 3 albums off amazon.com for $20 each and put all the photos in them.
    I have 2 more thank yous to go and I am done! Hooray! Then we'll have to finish organizing our new stuff and figure out what to spend money on.

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  • We are going to make our own book on our own time.  We are basically choosing our favorites for each pose that we want, no special equation here :P

    Thank you cards are almost done!  They would be totally done but we wanted to put pictures in cards to people that could not make it (which we are printing at Costco tomorrow!)  Yay!
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  • I'm not getting a book through my photographer but making one on my own.  It'll probably be more of a storybook and go with the order of the day.

    I haven't even started the thank you cards because I'm waiting for some pictures from our photographer to put on there.
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  • Cass987Cass987 member
    I'm going to order .10 prints off of shutterfly - one copy each - of every wedding photo we have. Then I'm going to build a scrap book type layout that I can play with then recreate the book in a photobook online which I will then print up.
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  • We haven't gotten our proofs back yet, they should be in next week.  I have no clue how I am going to pick what to put in there.  According to our photographer, there are a LOT of great shots, so it's gonna be tough.

    As far as thank you's go, I have the ones from my work shower done and about 10-15 wedding ones done.  I decided to be lazy the last few nights so I didn't get many more done.  Hopefully this weekend I can knock a bunch of them out.


  • We're probably going with most of the shots our photographer picked for our slideshow, plus a few others (e.g. the slideshow doesn't have any family formals).  There are 74 pics in the slideshow so not room for much more... and he really got the best ones (give or take a handful that we like for sentimental reasons, which the photographer wouldn't have known).

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