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August 2010 Weddings

Parents gifts

I know this is a repeat topic, but its something we are really struggling with!  We want to get our parents something pretty nice for all of their help...any suggestions?  We dont want to do photo albums either because we are going to be making those on our own later.  Any help would be much appreciated!!

Re: Parents gifts

  • I know my sister got our parents a night at a B&B they love up in upstate NY. Concert tickets are always a nice gift. Paying for them to go out to a nice dinner if they don't get out much. 
  • we are doing gift certificates for B&B's too. Somewhere a couple hours away from home so that I can be a mini vaca weekend for them.
  • We are also going with a date night. FI's parents are getting a gift cert. to dinner and theater. We have a Marriott nearby that has a really cool theater in the round and they do dinner packages. My parents will receive a gift card to this restaurant group that can be used at their choice of like 30 Chicagoland restaurants.
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  • We're planning on getting our 'rents a spa day. They definitely deserve it after the stresses of wedding planning! :)
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  • We're getting our moms really nice pieces of jewelry, and they have both requested wedding albums, so we'll do that one after the wedding.  Our moms aren't spa girls unfortunately, as I feel like they deserve such a pampering treat!  No dads to factor in b/c my dad is not a part of my life, and FI's dad passed away last Nov. :-(  

    Anyways, I think that getting them something special to enjoy together is a really nice idea, but also maybe take into account what their individual pursuits are, and get them something to do with that.  

  • we decided to do individual gifts for our parents since FI mom and stepdad are getting a divorce. The moms are all getting jewelry I found on etsy. FI dad is getting a painting of an Old English Sheepdog (he has a puppy and its like the love of his life lol). FI stepdad is going to get an engraved money clip. And for my dad we may get him Yankee tickets
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  • We are getting our Parents tickets to see Cirque De Soleil.
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  • Ooohhh I really like the B&B GC idea. We've been struggling with this one as well.

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  • Don't know if you'vce decided, but a wine or flower of the month club would be fun to send to them on your date then for the 1 year make it big!
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