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how to redeem a Groupon?

In early June, I purchased a Groupon for Vistaprint...the $17 for $70 deal.  I left all the info in my email so that I would not lose it.  Today I logged into VistaPrint through the correct route for the Groupon.  When I got all my order lined up, I had no promo code to enter to redeem the Groupon.  Where the heck is that code supposed to be?  It's not anywhere in any of the email I received.  I click on my deal, and the all the info pops up about the deal, but there is absolutely no code or even a spot where the code should be,  The deal has not is good until Sept. 12.  Ugh!  If you can help me, that would be great!  TIA.

Re: how to redeem a Groupon?

  • On the groupon there is a link to take you to VistaPrint. It should end with something like '17FOR70' or something. Place your order thru that link, not just logging onto VP.  Then when you check out, type the big long letters/numbers code from the center of the Groupon in the box for promo code. 

    I just used three last week for all of the printed stuff for DD's wedding and another this AM for some rugs! I'm a Groupon Junkie. :)
  • I logged in through the correct site, but nothing I received from purchasing my Groupon has a code on it!  It just has a "you purchased this deal on such and such date" and "these are the deal details" place for an actual code.  I emailed their help line, so hopefully they can tell me something.  It is so frustrating, because I waited for this long to use it, have everything ready to order, and can't use the stupid coupon yet.  My Groupon is still up on my Groupon site as availabe, but there is nowhere to go from there either.  It just keeps showing me the deal and my purchase details.  I just want the CODE!!  :)

  • YAY!  I just called the Groupon help line, they looked up my account and gave me the code.  They said it has been a common problem.  One more thing I can cross off my "to do" list!
  • YAY! Glad you got it figured out. My order is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Can't wait!
  • I love Vista Print....we use it all the time!
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