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I picked up my dress this weekend and I am SO HAPPY.  I  cannot wait to post pictures of the wedding..it is only 19 days away! I am freaking out!!  AHHH!! I used to look at bridal magazines and be like oh did I get the right dress? I know without a doubt now that it is the PERFECT dress and I wouldn't want ANY OTHER.  yipppeeeee

What do you guys put in bags for out of towners? I wanted to make some welcome bags but wasn't sure what to put in them?


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    That's awesome about your dress! I think we all have that worry, but everyone always looks fabulous!

    As far as the OOT welcome bags.. I plan on putting in:

    ~Welcome letter
    ~Personalized water bottles
    ~a packet of pain reliever
    ~granola bars
    ~other snacks
    ~small toiletry stuff

    Other great ideas are a map of the area and things to do and local restaurants.
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    Congratulations on picking up your dress!   That is so exciting!!

    As for the OOT bags, I would put together some fun things to do in your area, some bottles of water, some sweet & salty snacks, phone #'s & menus of some local restaurants, directions from their hotel to the ceremony, reception, and any other places that they would need to be.  I would also put some contact numbers in case they need to reach you or your parents (or FI's parents)
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    My OOT bags included-

    2 bottles of water
    bag of chips
    chocolate bar
    another kind of candy
    2 packs of gum
    graham crackers (scooby snacks)
    Information about transportation to the wedding

    a Julie and Aron newsletter with wedding weekend information, a crossword puzzle, things to do in the area (I have it if you want to see it)
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    we're putting in two bottles of water with personalized lables, a bag of chocolate covered raisins, two bags of lays potato chips, and the hotel includes two mini bottles of champagne and a small box of truffles. It's also on my list to look for individual packets of asprin. Since all of our OOT guests are regular visitors to CT, i'm leaving out maps and things to do in the area.

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