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1st dress fitting!

Went and had my first dress fitting this morning! My dress is perfect! It fits so well! It only needs a small hem & a bustle. My lady is going to work on it, and it will be ready April 17th! Then the week before the wedding, I'm going to take it back again, and she will do a final steam!

Then we went over to Men's Warehouse & picked out my fiance's and BM's tuxes! They will be wearing classic 2 button black tuxes. Fiance will have an ivory vest & tie with a faint paisley print. BM will have a black vest & tie w/ the same paisely print.

Sorry no pix. I forgot my camera!

Love me some checks!

Re: 1st dress fitting!

  • tondraluvtondraluv member
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    Omg i'm so happy for your, dress fittings are always so exciting & you have a pretty big check with your FI's suit.  Your dress will be done on my wedding day!
  • MNVegasMNVegas member
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    Glad to hear your fitting went so well. I have my first fitting on Tuesday. I know I need hem and cups put in, but hopefully that will be the only things.

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    I have heard of lots of girls having cups put in their dresses is that so you don't have to wear a bra?
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    Yay!! So glad it went good :)

    And about cups...Yep! I am having them put in so I don't have to by another bra.
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    Congrats on the fitting!  My second fitting is next week, I am so excited to have it back!
  • RachNRichRachNRich member
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    Umm...can I have a wedding do-over?! I'm getting a major case of the jealousy from all these wedding checks!
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    Congrats!!  You REALLY need to get some pics!!  I'm DYING to see your dress!  I too bought mine from David's.
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    hehe I'm nervous to put it on my planning bio. I dunno why. I told fiance he could see the dress if he wanted, but he doesn't want to see it. Maybe I should just suck it up and put it on the planning bio. :)
  • cinegradcinegrad member
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    Yay!  Yet one more thing to make it that much more real.  I say post the pics!  (But then that's just to satisfy my own curiosity!)  :-)
  • keana123keana123 member
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    Yay on the dress and tuxs! That's great!
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    Congrats!  I just had my dress fitting today as well....and i feel like I fell in love again.
    Im with you on posting the pics of the dress. Thats why I havne't put too many details about the wedding in the planning bio is because I handed out the address to all the guests and want to keep things as a suprise. But I think ill make another planning bio just for my knotties and close friends. Hopefully ill have time this week;)

    Im havin cups sewn into mine as well, it would just be much more comfortable than wearing a seperate bra.

    YEY for major check!
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