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Tapas Style Menu?

The caterer has several different types of menus we can choose from and both FI and I are intrigued by the tapas style menu.  It would be 4 small courses (tapas plates), a salad, a chicken, a beef and a seafood.  FI brought up the point that not everyone might like seafood, so we're going to ask the caterer if we can have people pick between a seafood and a vegetarian option (we'll have a seperate vegan meal for my mother and a few others).  But we'll have plenty of hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour, a cookie table in addition to the cake, and we're doing late night snacks as well.  I think that will be plenty of food, but want some outside opinions.  What do you think about a tapas style dinner for a wedding?

Re: Tapas Style Menu?

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    I think that sounds cool - though I think if you're offereing a replacement for the seafood dish, you should offer it for the other two dishes as well. I know a lot of my friends don't eat red meat, but they might not be representative of the world at large. How does it work for the vegetarians? Do they get 4 plates as well or do they miss out on the tapas experience? If you could do a vegetarian flight of 4 dishes, then I'd say forget the subsitute meal for the seafood, and offer the guests the choice of either the meaty flight or the veggie flight. Does that make sense?
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    We're going to ask the caterer if they can do it, but we were thinking of doing just 1 dish because for a vegan there are so many more restrictions.  It might be hard for the caterer to pull off 3 courses when there's only 1 dish on their entire menu that a vegan could eat.  The last thing I need that day is for my mom to get sick because someone forgot to mention chicken stock was used to make the sauce for a dish or cross contamination of serving utensils (she's been vegan for so long that her body is that sensitive). 
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