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March 2010 Weddings

Am I forgetting anything?

i'm in the process of getting everything together for the invitation envelopes.  Here's what I have

- invitation
- Reception Card
- RSVP Card
- Direction Inserts
- Bus Card

We aren't doing a hotel block but I will print out a listing of local hotels for a few people.  The bus card is so I can get a head count for renting a shuttle bus.

That it?  I'm paranoid I"m forgetting something.

Re: Am I forgetting anything?

  • Do you have a wedding website?

    Also, another thing I did was pencil a number on the back of the response cards in case someone forgets to write in their name.

    Good idea on the bus card. I may have to steal that idea cause I'm renting a shuttle too.

    Oh - and one thing I forgot to do is stamp the response cards (I hadn't sealed them yet, so no problems) but with everything esle  - don't forget that!
  • Yes... stamp the RSVP cards/ envelopes BEFORE you do anything else with them. I was so excited to be putting it all together I kept forgetting to stamp them!
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  • This may be dumb, but what is a bus card?  To get on a shuttle bus or a map of the bus roots?

    My printer is putting everything together and while I am thrilled not to have to do it, I sort of wish i was.  My invites -- i have one at home though are tough to put together because of an inner envelop so in the end, better to wish i was doing it -- then to actually be doing it i suppose.
  • ditto what everyone else said - number your response cards on the back, stamp the envelopes, include something with your website. 
  • I numbered the response cards a few weeks ago and stamped them all then too.

    The bus card is just a small business card size insert that says

     At 5pm, there will be a bus departing from Rory Dolan’s   (890 McLean Avenue) to The Greentreee Country Club.At 11pm, the bus will be departing the reception to The Coachman Inn (4344 Katonah Avenue).  Please indicate if you would like to use the bus for transportation. Name:____________________________________ Please circle:     NO          YES          # of persons:______

    I have a pretty good idea of who will & won't be taking the shuttle bus but need more of an exact count.  It will pick up near the church and then drop off in the vicinity.  Nothing fancy.  I printed them on Avery business cards that way I avoided having to cut them all.

  • oh and the website I have is more of a bio for here, not really for the guests.  I don't know anyone personally who has used one the way some ladies on here do. 
  • That is a really great idea.
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