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Can anybody suggest a place to get alterations on my bridal gown done?  The dress has some beading and rhinestones along most of the seams and since I need to have the dress taken in, the beading will need to be removed and then put back on.  Plus the dress has 4 layers to it so there will be alot going on. 

I went to my first place today to get a quote and it seemed high... a little over $300.  Is that typical?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I do want this to be done right.  Thank you!!!

Re: Alterations

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    I took my dress to a place on NW Military near Lockhill-Selma in a shopping center with a place called Three Legged Monkey. The shop simply says Dressmaker, so I'm not sure if that's actually the business name. I had taken my dress somewhere else, and was not satisfied with the results, so I took it to "Dressmaker" and she made it perfect! My dress was also pretty intricate, and I paid about $160. Hope this helps and good luck!
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    Thank you so much!  I looked it up and it's called Eunique Dressmaking for anybody else that might be looking.  Thanks again!  I'll add it to the list of places to check out.
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    Call perfect fit bridal and casual tailoring.  Van is great. 
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    I just got engaged but I take all my after-5 attire to Sew Chic in Alamo Heights.  They are reasonably priced, but the quality of work and service is uncomparable to anywhere else.  I will most likely get my bridal alterations there as well. 
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