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Kinda NWR: Do you throw dinner parties?

I ask because I'd always considered a wedding a dinner party where you do less of the cooking. I'm having guests up to our cottage for a week end this summer, and I've never really been responsible for entertaining all weekend before... and I'd really like to fancy things up (hang some lanterns or mason jars with candles in them, set the table, etc, etc) a bit for our Saturday night dinner. I'm thinking of calling it a Midsummer Night's Eve party or something similar.

Would anyone have any tried and true recipes they'd like to share? I'm leaning towards either a Mediterranean menu or a Hawaiian one (it'll be 2 days after our one year anniversary, and my friends were all in Hawaii with us for the wedding), but realisitically, I'm hoping for something that will be relatively simple, that I can prep for in advance and that requires minimal use of an oven.

Re: Kinda NWR: Do you throw dinner parties?

  • mauidandymauidandy member
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    That's sounds like so much fun. I'm not very good in the kitchen....I have a killer BBQ Chicken salad recipe but that doesnt really fit with your vibe. I'll try to think of something else.

    I love entertaining people, dinner parties are the best! You know what else is pretty inexpensive but makes a big statement? Tissue paper poms! I just used some today for FI's grad party, bought some Martha Stewart ones from Michaels craft store. All you had to do was pull the tissue paper apart and hang them. Everyone loved them! Mason jars hanging from trees with votives , flowers, whatever are always beautiful. Take lots of pictures!
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    mochiko chicken?
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    I've always done a lot of entertaining and cooking.  Cooking is my therapy lol.  No matter where I have lived, my home always seems to turn into the party and holiday dinner house.  I have a Hawaiian Chicken recipe that you do on the grill and sometimes I make a baked pineapple or a sweet potato casserole.  That's about all the recipes I have that fit what you're going for. Let me know if you would like them.   When I entertain I always seem to do something you can do on the BBQ or Italian because it's easy to make ahead.  Lots of candles are always a must.  When I'm out shopping and you find festive napkins on sale I always pick some up so when the theme fits I'm usually already prepared.  Linen napkins in every color under the rainbow are also useful.
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    hmm, I think it would be easier to have non hawaiian food. JMO. Maybe u can make haupia to have a little bit of local food.  But yeah salads/ a big bowl of fresh pasta/ french bread or something that you can marinate ahead and grill would probably be less work. I love entertaining/ thtowing dinner parties but man are they a lot of work. Esp cleanup.
  • ETweetETweet member
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    We're having a Hawaiian style AHR in a couple of weeks. If you'd like any of the recipies, let me know. Here's what we're having:
    Marinated Chicken and steak strips on a stick
    Hawaiian Fried Rice
    Hawaiian Islan Drive-In Style Macaroni Potato Salad
    Fresh Fruit and Fruit Dip
    Fresh Veggies and Veggie Dip
    Pineapple on a Stick drizzled in chocolate
    Individual sized Pineapple Upside Down Cake
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