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Is there anyone who can recommend a hair company that will come to your house on your wedding day to do your hair and that is reasonably priced? Someone who you have experience with doing nice work or who has a website where I can see what they do. I'm in eastern suffolk county. Any help would be great, thanks guys!!!!!
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Re: Hair Stylist

  • Studio80 in Patchogue does really good work, and will make house calls for weddings.
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  • My sister is a hair stylist but she would only be able to do sundays as she works in a salon. Her name is Kerri and works at Pavlova in Wading River. I am having 13 girls go to her salon the morning of the wedding and I am able to get everyone done in a 2-3 hour time frame.

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    [QUOTE]Studio80 in Patchogue does really good work, and will make house calls for weddings.
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  • did you ask your stylist if he or she could do it?
    myself and 2 ofm y BMs went to my salon on our wedding day to get it done. it wasn't a big deal. why do they have to go to your house?


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    I could go to my stylist, but it's about 1/2 from my house. I just wanted to see about having someone come to my house to do it, if I could find someone good and reasonably priced, so that I wouldn't have to worry about messing anything upon the car ride home, or if there was inclement weather it would lower the number of times I'd need to be outside. Maybe I'm being a little picky, or worrying about small things, but I just wanted to see if there was anything out there worth it who would come to the house.
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  • Anyone would come but I would imagine it would cost more for the convenience factor. Try Metamorphosis Salon in Long Beach. I know that is far from Eastern Suffolk, but I believe they will travel anywhere.
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  • Dana from Hartford CT. She is amazing and she travels. her website is
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