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Bridesmaid Outfit - looking for opinions

Hi all,
I've never felt like I'm particuarly very fashnionable or good at pulling together cute outfits.  But, I do of course want to do the best i can for my bridesmaids!  I was hoping some of you would be able to make sure this would look okay.

I found a dress that my MOH and another Bridesmaid have tried on and they both like.  We're going to go with it in black (the third color chip in the color selection)

I plan to put a shash with that as a pop of color, and to break of the visual plain, also hoping to enhance waistlines.  Who doesn't like a shash?  For that, i'm planning to go with clover (the 7th color chip over).  I was going to go with a long sash so it could be wrapped around more than once if need-be.  

For shoes... I know I'm pretty tall, and usually don't wear heels.  Same for my sister/MOH.  But several of my other bridesmaids are shorter and do like wearing heels.  I was kind of wanting to let people pick whatever shoe they want - as long as they have the same color.  I'm hoping this might bring a bit of personality into it?  
but, is this a bad idea? 
I figured we could either go 
a) all black, matte shoes
b) get dyable shoes and all get them dyed to the green color

I kind of like the idea of the green shoes, but is that too much if I'm going with the sash?  
too much attention to the feet?  or is it fun?

i know it seems minor, perhaps.  I just don't feel confident enough in my designing-an-outfit abilities.  
Thanks for your thoughts.  

Re: Bridesmaid Outfit - looking for opinions

  • If your girls like the dress and it's within their budget go for it. I wouldn't do a thin sash with it only because the dress already has thick rouching in the waistline and a thinner sash would look off. Did they try them on with a sash? if not, then go back and try it on with different sashes to see which one you like best. I don't think a long one would go well with this particular dress.

    As far as the shoes, let them choose whatever choose they're comfortable in. Nobody will see they're shoes.
  • I don't think this dress is appropriate with a sash. Just let the girls wear whatever black shoes they are comfortable with. Dyeables are horrid and rarely worn again.

  • My friend tried to get us all to buy really expensive shoes with big bows and dye the bows the color or the dress..... Her MOH is a grad student, and I am far to old to wear shoes with bows on them... she then basically said "any ivory shoe" and that worked out great. I would say to pick a shoe color and let them pick their own. If you want something specific, the rule of thumb is that the bride buys them (unless they are inexpensive.) I think it would be fun to do green shoes as well. and they can have them dyed brown or black after the wedding if they hate the color. Just make sure they can pick out a reasonably priced shoe :)
  • I agree with PP that the thin sash will look lost on the dress. The dress is beautiful & I've seen it on someone before and it looked great. For the shoes I vote for black shoes in whatever style the BM is comfortable with. I wouldn't even worry if they are matte or shiney. I do like the idea of a punch of color. There are two ways you can do that, with their bouquets or with jewelry. Skip necklaces due to neckline but earrings and/or bracelets would be fun way to accessories & add color to outfits.
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