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Decorator Questions??

Hello All!  I am a first-time poster in the DC area. We are getting married in August 2013 and have started looking at decorators for the Hindu ceremony/reception.  The first decorator that we met with refused to give us a quote in writing.  She showed us pictures of Mandaps and reception tables/rooms, told us to choose some that we liked, and (verbally) quoted us a price based on an idea of some of the ones that we liked.  She refused to e-mail us with an itemized quote and stated that she will do that when we sign a contract.  According to her, she has been in the business for 9 years, and I can't find any reviews or mention of her work on-line anyplace.  I've tried googling everything, and the only thing that I get is her website.

Is this typical??  We have other meetings set-up with more well-known decorators, but I am curious to know what everybody's experience is with this.  Are there certain things I should ask about/look out for when hiring a decorator?? I thought about posting her name and seeing if anybody has used her from here, but wasn't sure if that was allowed...

Re: Decorator Questions??

  • Welcome to the message board!  What the decorator did was absolutely NOT typical.  They usually itemize each and every decoration/floral arrangement, etc that will be included in your package.  Some things you may want to ask:

    -Do they bring the mandap platform or is it provided by the hotel?
    -Are there set up/take down fees?
    -Look into whether it is more cost effective to get flowers from a separate vendor or from the decorator

    The decorators are notorious for showing you amazing photos of very extravagant weddings and trying to convince you that your wedding won't look great unless you agree to everything they recommend.  I would definitely recommend interviewing at least 3-4 decorators to get quotes.  For all of your vendors, I would recommend finding people who are willing to work within your budget and I wouldn't sign any contracts without written estimates.
  • If you haven't found a decorator yet I would also suggest going in with photo's of your own and a firm budget you want to work with. Stand your ground and don't let them talk you into all of the extra's that you never wanted in the first place. Go in with a vision and a budget!

    The questions desibridalgal mentioned are great. I would also confirm that anything you do chose or like they have on hand, because most of these people will say "yeah we can get it" but that means there will be an added cost to you if they have to rent/purchase it for you!

    Hope this helps!
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