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I recently got engaged and have been searching for a wedding venue. I'll be getting married on Long Island and have been incredibly disappointed in what I'm finding.

I have a midrange budget, but it seems that all the interesting venue options are exorbitantly priced. Any suggestions??

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  • First of all, what exactly do you mean by "interesting"?  With a more specific idea of what you're looking for, we might be able to point you in the right direction.

    Also, if what you're looking for truly doesn't exist on Long Island, you can always try New York City venues - they tend to be more "unique" and you may be able to find something mid-range, price-wise, that's different from what you're seeing on Long Island.
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  • try atlantis marine world. It might seem weird to get marriedin a aquarium but they have been great to me thus far. my wedding is in a month and its been stress free dealing with them. the venue is different and amazing.
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    [QUOTE]I dont know which venue you check out but try to look at crest hollow country club, chateau briand, bridgeview yacht club in LI and in Queens NYC try to check out terrace on the park, bruno's on the boulevard and Russo on the Bay...
    Posted by jennybarbie[/QUOTE]

    Maybe check out a winery/vineyard out east
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