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    Learn how to relax.
    I get this from my mom---I'm constantly moving and needing to do things. Which leads to stress and I don't know how to just stop and chill and relax. So I'm working on that.

    That and find a new job. It's been miserable the last 6 months and it's time to get the heck out of there. 

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    [QUOTE]my goals are to: - get back to my wedding weight, aka stop eating everything in sight!! My goal is to come up with a food plan for 2 weeks, go shopping and cook it. I did great on WW before... 23 lbs by summer would put be under my wedding weight and in shape for summer :) - finish changing everything over to my new last name... I am waiting for settlement to do this, no sense it going to the DMV twice! SS, and CCs are done! Just need license, registration, and bank account..
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    You don't have to go to the DMV to change your address you can do it online. I am assuming ooodsie did not see this post or she would be on you about changing your name before getting the house!
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    Haha yes I think I told her before that she's now going to be forced to sign her name in duplicate for the remainder of her life living in that house!  
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