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Hi eveyrone,

I'm new to the board, my wedding is in November and I'm close to finding the photographer I want.  The only issue is that her contract is really informal.  My fiance is an attorney and I think that what we are going to do, or rather what he is going to do, is to draft a contract that works for us and covers our situation! Please let me know if this is a good idea.  This draft, I think, may help her in future photography with other clients. Is it too much to ask if she is able to add value to our package if we draft a contract for her?  Thanks everyone!


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  • I think it is very rude to ask her to add value to your package for drafting up a contract. Your fiance is an attorny - that's what he does for a living is review contracts and put them together - at least part of what he does. She doesn't. Your redoing a contract to protect yourselves, so why on earth do you feel the need to ask her to add value (I'm assuming printing credit) to your package for something that you want to benefit you (the new contract). That's actually pretty rude.
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  • Sorry I didn't mean to offend.  On her contract there is nothing about what time she will arrive, there is no name of a photographer should she not be able to arrive, there is no information showing our names or when the deposit is due, there is no information about when she will arrive, there are no technalities whatsoever.  I'm not even an attorney and I know that those should be on there. The only thing she has on her contract is how much her package costs. I just want to make sure that we are covering ourselves because with the "contract" she has no there is nothing to protect me and my fiance.

  • Its fine asking for more detailed contract or at least that information in writing.  However I wouldn't ask for extra things in your package because of it.  I am not an attorney and could draft something if I wanted something different but wouldn't expect a discount or more for it. 
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    I would say asking for your own version of a contract to formalize details is fine but don't be surprised if she thinks your crazy. My job is contract enforment so when I asked several of my vendors to clarify my concerns in writing they freaked out like I was going to cancel on them. Could be the laid back Florida attitude. So if you ask the phototgrapher to sign yours don't ask for any added services as she did not ask him to do that. Just be sure to explain this is to cover your concerns nothing against her contract or customer service.
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    Thanks for the answers everyone! That's all I wanted to know, in the end I just want to make sure that we are covered and that all our bases our covered.  I just felt iffy about the informal contract as a whole.  I really appreciate it! :)

  • I don't blame you Emily, i would too.  You definitly want to make sure you're covered on your wedding day!  It's smart of you to ask for more details to be included.

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  • Yea just ask her to add in those things. If she is serious she shouldn't have a problem. If she does have a problem then that should be a red flag to you.
  • No offense, but wanting to draft your own contract seems inappropriate. How would your fisnce feel if a client of his wanted to draft their own contract for him? Have you checked any reviews or for the photographer or talked to a friend who may have used them? I do understand and agree with your concerns. It does seem like this photographer may be an amateur or new. If the contract is an issue, this may not be the photographer for you. You need to feel confident in hiring this person. My suggestion is to move on and find a photographer that you feel more comfortable with and provides some guarantees in their contact. It just doesn't seem like a good sign not having a more thorough contract. Good luck!
  • She has been doing this for 2 and some years and she has great reviews and I got references from some of her former brides who seem to have enjoyed her work.


  • maybe instead of rewriting her contract, ask for her to send you in writing all the specifics you mentioned so you can be sure to have documentation for your wedding day. Let her know how you feel. I find the best way to handle things is by being open and honest with my vendors. Best of luck!

  • I do not think that drafting your own contract for her is necessarily a bad thing, but I would definitely talk to her before you did so.  Maybe bring up your concerns with her current contract and add something such as, "You know, my fiance is an attorney, so he could easily draw up a contract that filled in these gaps" or something of that nature.  It would be a more polite way to go about it, and would also allow her to offer her suggestion before you just jump in with a new contract.

    As far as adding value to your package goes, I think it would depend on her reaction to the new contract.  If it is only going to be used between you and her, then she owes you nothing for doing it.  If she mentions that she likes it better than her current contract, you could say that you would allow her to use it with future clients for compensation, and name what that would be.  I think you would sort of have to play it by ear and see how she reacts to it.

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  • That really does, I emailed her and actually said it just the way you suggested and she was definitely open to it! :) But now it is just getting him to actually finish it! haha.  Thanks for all the help guys! :)


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