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Clueless about Flowers! Need a place to start!

So, here I am, an engaged environmental science student and while I know TONS of pretty native flower species, I don't know ZIP about the big, pretty showy ones used for weddings. I could use some help!

Here's a run down:
I like Blue.
I hate pink. HATE.
My wedding colors are blue, brown, and green.
I'm on a serious budget.
It's a casual, outdoor wedding.
The date is August 20, 2011.
My wedding will be happening in northern Saskatchewan, Canada.
If I could (legally) use flowers native to the boreal forest, I think that would be super cool!
I have no idea what flowers cost.

My (soon to be) sister in law ordered her  wedding flowers from Costco, and saved a bunch. I don't know what I'm doing with arranging my own flowers, but I like the cost saving idea, and I'm pretty good at the DIY thing.

Sooo.... ideas anyone?


Re: Clueless about Flowers! Need a place to start!

  • jcamm11jcamm11 member
    edited December 2011
    I just found a great website with links to various wholesale wedding flower sites


    Youtube making bouquets, corsages/boutenniers, and center pieces.  I know you basically need floral tape, pins, and ribbon.
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  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
    edited December 2011
    With the colours you mentioned, I immediately thought of a peacock feather themed bouquet. The colours are really rich and I think they're beautiful.

    Just google peacock wedding to see the look. I have no idea about pricing though, sorry!

  • Ashes_3Ashes_3 member
    Ninth Anniversary 1000 Comments 25 Love Its First Answer
    edited December 2011
    Blue Hydrangea are what I am using. There are also Blue Iris(lots of blue flowers), chocolate cosmos, chocolate cymbidiuim orchid, chocolate geranium, chocolate daisy. You can also get flowers sprayed. You can go to
    http://www.fiftyflowers.com/ and you can look up flowers by color!!!!! Hope that helps!
  • klm03013klm03013 member
    edited December 2011
    I suggest sitting down for a consultation with a florist in your area. They can suggest flowers that will look good and go around the specifications that you mentioned, as well as make some suggestions to help keep it in budget. Then you have all the information that you need to decide if you want the florist to do it or if you are going to take it on your by yourself. Even if you don't end up using the florist, you can keep the notes from the appointment to help you when you design your own flowers.
  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
    Seventh Anniversary 5000 Comments 25 Love Its First Answer
    edited December 2011

    You were very specific in your likes and dislikes, so while you may need coaching, you aren't totally lost.

    I will also be getting my flowers from Costco like your future sister in law. Not sure if they have locations in Sasketchewan, (my Mom was born in Moose Jaw!), but if they do, check them out. Their floral kiosks are full of lovely flowers for $16 (here) per bunch. Most of them have independent floral arrangers locally, and the one at our store was there one day when we were, and she said she could help with any specific order. Not sure if I'll just order one of their online pre-packaged wedding packages, with some additional flowers, or follow up with the local contact. But I have time.

    Another bride posted recently she got the blue hydrangeas from Costco and they were perfect. Blue hydrangeas also have a touch of green in them, so that's something to consider. If you want to add some additional things as you mentioned, you could.

    I also love Queen Anne's lace and baby's breath, so I"ll be using some of that as well.

    Depending on your budget, you could also meet with a florist locally. Depending on your economy and the time of year, it's possible you can afford to get what you want. It doesn't cost anything to meet with them, and check into options.

    Good luck.

    PS: Join us on the August 2011 month board, there are a lot of fun ladies there, and we are all "graduating" at the same time, LOL.

  • edited December 2011
    Thanks everyone! That gives me a little better idea of where to start. I was sort of thinking blue hydrangeas... I saw a bouquet of them with yellow calla lilies in the last issue of The Knot.

    Having said that, I have now exhausted my knowledge of flowers for weddings, lol!

    Love the idea of searching for flowers by color. I can do that!

    And heyimbren, LOVE the pic! Where was that taken? Looks like somewhere right up my alley :)

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