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October 2011 Weddings

Halloween/Masquerade Theme?

Is anyone else doing a Halloween or Masquerade theme? Or is anyone having a Red and Black color scheme? I’d love a planning buddy with a similar theme or colors. Thanks!

Re: Halloween/Masquerade Theme?

  • im doing orange/brown with a touch of black, we are going to get the mini pumpkins and paint them and take a vase and our fav, flowers, an put the little green things on the stems for water, an fill the vase up with candy corn or some type of other candy. plus the favors we either are doing a candy apple or putting little pumpkin buckets filled with the candy apple suckers. still thinking on all the ideas, but thats what we have thought about so far
  • hey germangirl, I saw an episode of bridezillas where they did carmel apples as the favors, and they had a hard time getting them into the favor bags. You might want to do a trial run or just stick with the pumpkin buckets. Also this girl made a mini graveyard for her place cards and used mini tombstones with everyone's name on them. It was super cute. It was a cincinnati wedding too! You might be able to find it on youtube if you didn't see it!
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  • My friend used carved pumpkins as her centerpieces. They were awesome and very inexpensive. She had to put something on them to keep them from turning/spoiling, but it was well worth it!
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  • You might try the Goth wedding board.
  • I'm having a Hallowedding with Brown and Orange as the colors.  We want pumpkins filled with flowers as the centerpieces with leves scattered on the table.  For favors we want to have a candy bar with Trick or treat pails.  We'll also have halloween rubber duckies for everyone.  We are going to use lots of jackolanterns all around (we're enlisting my FI's 7 siblings for that) as well as ordering a few pre-carved funkins.  We're having a white cake with little skulls on it and pumpkins, with a corpse bride cake topper.  We're also doing the tombstone placecards.  on Etsy I found reaaly cool guestbook and card box that are orange with spider webs on it.  the flower girl will have a pumpkin basket and the ring bearer, a pumpkin pillow.  definitely check out the halloween stuff at oriental trading, they have cute decorations and candelabras and stuff... ohhh i almost forgot, handykaneweddings.com has way cool graveyard theme scroll invitations!!  ........ i think that's all i have for now.... obviously I'm very bored at work to find all these things lolLaughing
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  • Sounds like we have some Halloween weddings! I only want to add settle hints of Halloween and mainly focus on the masquerade theme, but we are looking into some haunted venues! If we decide to go with a haunted venue we might play up the haunted theme a little and have "real" information about the venue, and some made up information of my FI and I being ghosts from back when. We would put all of this information in a program and add vintage e-pics. I haven't ever seen anything like this done before so it's hard to get inspiration, but I'm really excited by my idea.
  • I'm not doing a Halloween them but I am using burnt orange and brown as colors. I plan on using small pumpkins as my centerpieces hollowed out and used as candle holders/vases. I'll probably use fake ones though. Do you think that'll make it look too Halloween-ish? I'm not going for that theme at all.

    Sparkles the haunted idea is so cute. It'd be very unique! I've never heard of anyone doing that but i love the idea! I think you could pull it off. And i love the ghost story background idea you suggested. That's really cool.
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  • futuredaniel10 I don't think that sounds too Halloweenish. It sounds more like fall theme to me. Thanks for your support on my haunted ideas. I've never heard of anyone doing it either but I think it would add a thrill element. I want a halloween vibe with out being too Halloweenish. I want it to be more of a romantic masquerade. The Halloween touches are just to make it more fun, since I know a lot of our guest will be missing out on the halloween parties to celebrate with us. Besides it is my favorite holiday. No stress and all fun!
  • I hit the October2011 board by mistake!  I am getting married this coming October.  I saw this thread and wanted to put my $0.02 in!  We are having a fallish wedding ceremony but, doing a Halloween themed reception.  I am not doing the masquerade thing though.  I love everything that is Halloween.  Feel free to come over to the Oct2010 board and page me if you want any ideas or bounce an idea.  I think that your wedding sounds awesome. 

    Our colors are black and burnt orange.  Jack-o-lanterns will be our centerpieces.  I have tons of other plans.  Punch served out of a witches cauldron.  Anywho, let me know if I can help in anyway.  I will leave you with a pic of the cake that I want!

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  • Are you going to use masks at all for the masquerade theme? I've seen them incorpated into designs and centerpieces for Mardi Gras events and it can be really pretty. Or you might hand them out to guests too. You can also order them based in your wedding colors. They sell em all over the internet so just google search. I really love the haunted theme though. I think it'll make your wedding even more memorable for your guests.
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  • For those of you using pumpkins as centerpieces, are you carving/assembling them yourself or do you have a florist taking care of it?

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  • my wedding date is october 22nd 2011 our colors as of now are red black & white (and some silver) although I'm thinking of adding in some fall colors/touches as well like pumpkins & such. I haven't planned too much yet since it's so far away but I can't wait to get started. I've considered the masquerade themed reception but I change my mind often.  So far we have the date picked out, the venue, the bridesmaid dresses (which are white w/ black ribbons!) & my dress (which is red w/ silver accents)
  • also here are some idea's I've had so far

    because I don't want jack o' lanterns spoiling&smelling or anything  I was thinking of using giltter pumpkins as centerpieces. I know that might sound tacky but they're actually really pretty. I plan to do a trial run this october to see how I like them

    I also like this centerpiece w/ candy corn&flowers. (i took this from another board posy but I can't remember which one)

    for flowers I've always liked rose but lately I've been considering calla lillies. they come in shades of red, white, orange, purple, & even black so they're perfect for halloween/autumn weddings.

    for favors I'm planning on doing a trial run of caramel apples because I'd like to give those out if possible. I've also considered the candy bar option (setting up a table w/ various jars/containers of candy & letting the guests fill up their own bags/pails). Or possibily giving out individual servings of apple cider or personalized jones soda.

  • mgd1121mgd1121 member
     We're having a masquerade wedding too.  We're doing it on Oct 14th.  We wanted to have everyone come in costume, but our families were NOT ok with that.  When we mentioned it, they pretty well told us they woudn't help pay if we did that (and they wouldn't come in costume).  So we conceded and compromised into a masquerade theme -- which we're super excited about now.  I want to do more of a venetian masquerade (we're getting married in a historic mansion) but I'm having a hard time finding venetian masks for our guests.  I think we're going to have to splurge a little in order to get anything besides shiny, plastic masks with elastic -- which is very NOT what I wanted.  Anyone found any venetian type masks that are inexpensive?  The ones I'm buying for the WP are anywhere from $20 - $90...and I cannot afford that for every guest.  I thought of making my own.  Will guests see that as cheap??  Thanks!
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