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Wedding Diet Activated!

Anyone who's looking to drop a couple pounds before the big day, Lean Cuisine's are awesome! I stocked up, it also saves me a ton of money just grabbing one in the AM before work instead of buying lunch. Honeymoon spending money!
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Re: Wedding Diet Activated!

  • Good luck with your diet!! I just started mine aswell! I like to cook up a bunch of chicken, brown rice/quiona and veggies at the start of the week and plate them in individual tupperware so they are ready to go for lunches too! also helps save $ for the honeymoon!!

    I gotta start lifting weights again! I want my arms flab free! :D
  • I need to start mine ASAP.  I've been doing My Fitness Pal, but haven't been super religious about using it.  I need a more structured plan.  I'm waiting for the "resolutioners" to start giving up on Weight Watchers mid-February, and then I'll start going, lol. 
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  • The worse thing for me is my FI will not eat healthy foods. Yesterday I had to make me a seperate meal, I had cajun tilapia and he had a burger and a lean cuisine. Haha he doesn't get the whole LC being your only meal he thinks it can be a side dish!
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  • good luck. i am going to start mine soon too
  • I suppose to had been start lol its hard when you love eating.
  • I'm doing a bootcamp thingy at my gym. I'm so sore!
  • Got my dress and my first fitting is JULY! Wedding isn't till March 2014! EEK!
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