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June 2010 Weddings

POLL:: Board speediness

Hey June ladies.... some of the other mods are reporting SLOW loading times for a lot of the regulars on their boards.  Help me out, please.

Please vote and then tell me what browser you use (Firefox, IE, etc.)
In your post, let me know when it's the slowest...day, night, both, etc.

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It's almost here! Weeeeeeee!
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Re: POLL:: Board speediness

  • I haven't noticed it being any slower.  I use firefox.
  • Firefox on a Mac varies quite a bit.
  • Its better since I got rid of knot tv, but its still slower than the old boards.
    I have IE.
  • Firefox on a Mac....varies as pp said.
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  • Firefox on a PC.  I picked the slower than Christmas option, I don't think it's really crawling, but it's definitely slower for me than the old boards.
  • Firefox for me and glacial.
    Last week I was at work using Firefox and I couldn't load the page. The side and top bars would load, but not the posts/threads. I think that computer as using the latest OSX operating system and I'm not.
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  • i'm using firefox on a pc... its definitely much slower than the old boards.
  • Usually SLOWWWW but rarely it's a decent speed- and it's rare, so I don't know if it's day or night?

    I'm using Firefox on a Mac,  I can't use Safari AT ALL with these new boards. (Also? Every once in a while I can't post! I can read, type type type, but not actually CLICK the "post" button! I have to close my browser, log out, log back in, retype, then post. Makes me hang out here a LOT less.)
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  • I'm using the google chrome...been good, but yesterday for some reason the box that you type in to respond was messed up...it was very skinny

  • i use IE and firefox on PCs and Safari on my Mac. They're both having trouble loading the pages.
    i think it's the layout. it'll load the stupid advertisements but none of the Knot content.
    or it'll load everything EXCEPT the board itself. i always link to non-tv tk but when the TV is on the page, the only thing that loads is the TV.
    everytime i move from thread to thread (if i dont just open up th enew ones in tabs) it takes 8 years and i have to reload/refresh a lot for the page to load completely, even without TV.

    overall it's worst on IE, the firefox, and safari is OK.
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  • ohh and ditto Jaclyn, half of the time i have to refresh the page because the reponse box is squished.

    on my local, girls with ampersands in their TK names cant post at all, but they can post on TN. it's weird.

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  • It is much slower at work with IE, but it still is slower than the old boards at home with Firefox.
  • I've been using firefox... when I use safari it is horrible as well as internet explorer. So firefox it is!
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  • It really varies. Today it's surprisingly fast ::knock on wood:: yesterday I couldn't post a single thing!
  • #1- At home I have Safari, and it normally runs at a decent speed (especially since I bookmarked it without Knot TV).  There are times when it takes quite awhile to load, or I have to stop it and refresh it to jumpstart things.  And, as said by pp, I have a squished up post box and have to refresh for it to be normal sized almost every time.  

    #2- At work we have IE and I can't Knot at all anymore.  It never loads.  But things tend to run slow at school anyway.  I guess it's the network.  I believe it is God's way of saying stop wasting time and think of the children.  Whatever.

    Sorry so long.  I felt like I had to qualify my answers.
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  • The new board is wayyy slower than the old board, even after I got rid of knottv.  I use FF..  It's been so much slower that I don't have the patience to spend as much time here anymore. :/  It seems to be the same throughout the day.
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  • "I believe it is God's way of saying stop wasting time and think of the children.  Whatever."

    i loled A LOT at that. (the quote wont load)
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  • I use Firefox. The loading varies for me. Probably slower with the high traffic times. Sometimes just getting into the knot site is slow for me.
  • It is crazy-slow for me on Firefox.

    It is even slower in the evenings than in the daytime, but even now it's so slow I get tired of the loading and give up on reading posts now and then.
  • I use IE and its slower then Christmas regardless of where I am (home, work) or when I am on.  Slower then it was before the new boards.  I have tried collapsing the block at the top of the screen and its made NO difference.
  • Firefox. Last weekend it was really slow, and I'd have to hit the stop button to make the page load. But, seems better now.
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  • I can't vote because my computer won't let me update flash, but the boards are soooo slow. I tried Firefox and it wouldn't let me go on the boards at all. Google chrome wouldn't load. IE is the only one that works at all and even that takes forever to load.
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  • I use Mozilla, and it was really slow for me, but I downloaded the latest version of Mozilla, and that fixed it for me! It was also giving me the "unresponsive script" message every time I went to a new page, but it hasn't done that since I downloaded the newest version. If anyone has Mozilla but hasn't downloaded the latest version, they may want to try that!
  • KnibletKniblet
    edited November 2009
    Firefox and Safari load the best, according to the general responses by other mods.  But right now, there are a lot of bugs using Safari.  They ARE working on it though.

    Annie said that the slowness will be fixed soon, hopefully in the next week.  They are adding new servers to help with it.  So, that's good.  Please be patient and hopefully it will get better SOON.

    Thanks for the input. ladies!  Every little bit helps.

    P.S.  I use Firefox on a PC... and it's not that slow, any time of day.

    vacation vacation vacation vacation
    It's almost here! Weeeeeeee!
    my read shelf:
    Jaime's book recommendations, favorite quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
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    Back in June 2010...
  • Firefox on a PC. Forget IE...way too slow. I only use firefox for TK and I hate how it slows down my computer in general.

    I was just thinking today how grateful I am that most of Erica's planning is done, as neither of us have much patience for how crappy TK is now.

    I actually lilke the new format....but not enough to put up with freakin slowness.
  • I'm late, but I use firefox on a mac. It's friggin SLOW. WAY slower than it ever was before. NEVER better no matter the time of day. Frankly, it makes me not like to come on the boards. Grr.
  • Firefox on a Mac at home - varies from day to day. Today's not so bad (of course, now I totally jinxed myself).

    IE at work  - slower than dirt.
  • ummmm i dont know what i use! LOL
    its not IE anymore, FI did something to my computer, its GOOGLE related
    im no help! lol

  • i use IE at work on pc, and firefox on mac at home. Both are slow as shiit.
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  • I haven't been posting at all lately because on IE, on a pc, TK takes forever to load and it takes multiple refreshes to get all of the content on a page.  I have to switch to Firefox in order to do anything here and even then the load times are long.  I'm excited to hear that they are working on it though!
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