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Florida-South Florida

Miami Bridal Stores

Hello!  I will be going to Miami (for Christmas) to go wedding dress shopping and I was wondering if anyone had a really good experience where they went shopping.  I'm open to suggestions. Right now I'm looking at:
1. Chic Parisien
2. Coral Gables Bridal
3. J del Olmo
4. Bellissima Bridal

I was wondering if any of you out there had gone to any of those? How was their selection? Were they snobby?  Did they kick you out after an hour?

Is there any store that's like a Kleinfeld's of Miami? 


Re: Miami Bridal Stores

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    I bought my dress at Coral Gables Bridal and first went in late January on a Friday afternoon without an appointment and I was helped pretty quickly. They have beautiful dresses, and Kat helped me...she was super sweet! They were able to lower the price by $200 after I asked if they were going to have any sales soon but it still wasn't enough for me to purchase it. They don't allow photos of dresses and they removed the tags of the designers so you don't know who it is. So I spent the next day searching for the real designer, months later I went back and bought the sample dress and they were nice. The owner seems a little stuck up, but she didn't have much to do with my appointment.

    If you find a dress that you absolutely love, but the price may not be right...check with Unique Bridal & Boutique in Deerfield Beach. They try to match or beat any competitor's price, plus they have very lovely dresses at their store and let you take photos! Cute shop!

    HTH a little! :)

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    I bought my wedding dress from J del Olma. The service was good, and they have a nice and trendy collection, with prices not as high as the other stores. This was the last store I went in, and I am glad I did...as I almost paid a lot for another dress. When I purchased my dress they told me that it would be in ...in 4 months. I wanted to wait to dress shop, as I just had a baby. But I needed to order soon, so that I would get the dress back in time, and then the dress came in 2 1/2 months after I ordered it.

    Chic Pasisien has nice name brand dresses. Excellent material, great lace, the works...but they are pricey. Not sure of your budget, but I figure it is your wedding day, so you can splurge...if you want to.

    Coral Gables Bridal and Bellissima Bridal I went in both stores, yet honestly I can not recall the selection of dresses they had.
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    Ever After in Coconut Grove is a beautiful store and I've heard their service is great. They are right on Main Highway in the Grove. You should definitely stop by there, it's very well-known here!
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    I bought my dress at Coral Gables Bridal- I walked in without an appointment on a Saturday in June and fell in love with a dress on sale (they seem to have sample sales often). The sales help was great and they spent tons of time with us, even without an appointment. The dress was in perfect shape and the salon suggested a fab alterations lady, who is reasonably priced. 

    I have shopped at Bellissima for other wedding related stuff and the staff has been wonderful. 

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    I went to all of them and had the best experiences at chic parisien, J del olmo, and Pricilla of Boston. 
    I ended up buying my dress at chic parisien, and they have always been great to me.

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    I bought my dress at Legenda on Mircle Mile. My sales girl was Stephanie, she was great.

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    I purchased my dress at J. Del Olmo. I think they have good prices and their new store is pretty.  However, just make sure that they're ordering the right stuff for you.  My dress is about 2 inches too short (Thank goodness there's enough fabric in it to lengthen it a bit!), they ordered the wrong veil for me, and didn't order my applique I had purchased.  I picked up my dress in September and they said they'd get me the correct veil and order the applique, and I still don't have it. 

    So overall, good prices on their dresses, but be careful with the service.
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    I went to J. Del Olmo and Bellissima Bridals.  I LOVED the service at Bellissima, but didn't find "the one" there.  The lady that helped me (I can't pronounce let alone spell her name but it started with a Y) was soo sweet and really patient.  I ended up falling in love with a dress at J. Del Olmo, I worked with Rocio, she's young, super sweet and they have a great selection of trendy dresses.  I didn't end up buying my dress becasue the one I fell in love with was on back order and wouldn't be ready for my March wedding, so I decided to have it made.  The owner at J. Del Olmo offered to make it for me, but I went with the lady that has made dresses for me in the past, it came out much more affordable that way.  And I won't have to deal with alterations or anything.

    I did go to Chic Parisien and Coral Gables Bridal when my FSIL was planning her wedding last year and we did not like the service at Chic Parisien, they were really snobby.  But Coral Gables Bridal was okay.  Nothing out of this world. 
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    Married knottie here to give you one quick important tip:

    I bought at Coral Gables Bridals and was thrilled with them soup to nuts.  It may be worth saying that they did tell me the designer of my dress when I fell in love with it and told them I needed to come back and show my mom.  They may have changed their policy since I bought there though.  

    Now here's what is the important tip : I've heard of people having good experiences at Chic Parisien except when they deal with a woman named Lucy.  I bought my dress over a year ago and I still remember this woman's name, that's how ingrained the trauma is in my head.

    Good luck and congrats.  Marriage is awesome.

    ps. Natalie, I think you know my best friend.  Does a Victoria Sipes (nee') ring a bell?

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    I do know her! I noticed you were friends and were in each other's wedding - both very gorgeous weddings!! <3 My FI went to CCD class and Miami Dade with Victoria too, and I met both of them in Tally when they transferred!! :) Can't wait, I have 11 days...omg...so friken excited, can't wait to have a husband, move in our new place, and wear the wedding dress! lol :) Hope married life is just AWESOME for you! <3

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    How funny!  Yeah we've been best friends since the ninth grade, we even put on each other's garters haha.

    I'll tell you what, marriage is the best.  I can't complain a bit about our wedding (thanks for the compliment btw you're very sweet) but I'll tell you a story.  I asked Husband the other night if he thought the wedding was the best day of his life and he said no, that today was.  The day we had the conversation was a normal day.  I loved his answer so much because that's exactly how I felt.  The wedding is fun but having a husband and the deeper love that vow brings is really more than anything.

    Enjoy your wedding!  I trust you have all your ducks in a row and are ready to go.  The girls on here, as I'm sure you know are awesome.  Everything everyone says is totally true- just sit and experience the greatness that's about to happen.  Something random and unimportant will go wrong but it won't matter as soon as you get on that altar.  Oh enjoy it, it's only the beginning of great things!
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    Aw, that's so neat and special about the garters! :)

    Yea, everything is coming together...we lost our reception venue two weeks ago and I knew everything would be okay and it was, we found a good place to do it. I'm most excited about being married to my love (we moved the wedding up 50 days two months ago!) and going through life with him. That's so sweet of your husband, I'm so happy for you!!! God bless you both! <3 <3
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