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Questions about bridal shower invitations

We are having a couples shower for my brother and his fiance in March. We arent sure what kinds of things to do during the shower. Do we play games? If so, please name some games for us. We dont want to just sit food out for the guests and talk. Obviously this is our first time throwing a shower....PLEASE HELP with any idea you might have!!!!!

Re: Questions about bridal shower invitations

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    please disregard the invitations part of the subject...not sure how that got involved.
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    I don't like games at showers that are not co-ed, so I still wouldn't like them at showers that are co-ed.

    Have good food, and plenty of beverages.  Treat it like a cocktail party and treat your guests like the adults they are.  Let them mingle, chat, catch up, and then allow the gift opening to start.

    Perhaps have the bride to be open the first gift, and then the groom to be open the second, and they can alternate.

    ETA:  I think setting the food (and drinks) out and letting them talk sounds like a perfect party to me.
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    My in-laws' friends through a couples shower for me and DH.  It was a late Sunday afternoon party.  We drank, mingled, ate dinner, and opened presents.  No games.  I don't think games would go over well at a co-ed shower.  The shower was plenty lively without having to add planned activities. 
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    We were recently thrown a co-ed couples shower. They had one game planned with clothes pins and the list of words you can't say (I think they were Bride, Groom, Wedding, and to mix it up and make it more toward the guests... Beer). It was a great ice breaker and not the miserable ones where you have to sit there and play the silly games. We had food, drinks and a time to open gifts and we had a blast as did our friends!

    Good luck! : )
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    There are only two games I've ever seen at a co-ed OR ladies only showers that I've ever liked

    1. Ones involving giving advice (playful or serious) to the bride and groom - one way to make this fun during a co-ed shower is to have all of the brides side give advice to the groom and the groom's side advice to the bride. Can be done by writing it down and reading it out, etc. There's a million diff games on how to do this.

    2. Present Bingo. Everyone gets a bingo card with different presents on the registry or that are common at showers, first person to Bingo gets a cute little prize. Basically it gives people something to do while presents are being opened other than ooing and ahing.
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    A friend of mine had 'Couple Jeopardy'.

    The host of the party came up with fun and unique questions to ask the bride and groom (what did you order on your first date?  where was your first kiss?  who said i love you first? etc. etc.) that they placed in a basket.  Guests were asked to pick a question out when they arrived.

    To play, each guest would ask the couple the question they had picked.  The bride and groom were both given dry erase board to write down their answer and display it to the guests.

    It was super fun and let us get to know the couple a lot better than we already did.

    They also incorporated gift giving into this event by handing the couple one gift with each question.  It made the whole 'let's watch them smile over gifts' a lot easier to bear!
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