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Wedding Recap and more pics! Long!!! (Part 1)

Hi ladies! We just back yesterday from our HM, and are just chilling today opening gifts before going back to the real world aka work tomorrow. I just wanted to share a recap of the wedding with you ladies. This is long, so I apologize in advance :)

I took off work the entire week of the wedding and I was glad I did! I had a lot of last minute stuff to get done, but I won't bore you with all the details. I'll move right along to Thursday which was a very busy and stressful day. DH's dad suffered a stroke last year and has to use a wheelchair, so we needed to get a wheelchair accessible van for him. DH already had a reservation for one, but when he called on Thursday to confirm what time he needed to pick it up, they told him they didn't have any record of his reservation and did not have a van available. Needless to say, he was pissed! I've never seen him that mad before. I was pissed too, but one of us had to remain calm. I did my best to calm him down, and told him we needed to just focus our energy on finding something else. Who knew it would be so hard to find a wheelchair van. We discovered that there are only about 5 or 6 rental companies in the Atlanta area that specialize in those van rentals, and they all had nothing available for the weekend. We spent most of Thurday calling around and recruited family members to help in our searc. Thankfully, we found a lady who lived not too far from us who had one for sale. Her husband unfortunately passed a few months ago and she put her van up for sale. DH explained our situation and pleaded with her to rent us her van for the weeked. Thank God, she agreed! We left DH's car at her house as collateral and signed a contract, plus paid her a small fee. She really was a God send! The devil is such a liar!!!

So Friday, we got up early and went to go get the van, loaded up all the stuff we had to take to the reception and took off. We live almost an hour from the ceremony and reception venues, so we also packed for the weekend as well, since we didnt want to go back and forth. I met a few of my BMs there, and we set up the linens, table numbers, menus ect at the reception venue. The rehearsal was supposed to start at 4, because our officiant had said that was when he would be available, but of course everyone, including me was late. DH had to go get his family from the airport with the van - there flight was supposed to arrive at 2:30. I know there was no way he would be back in time for the rehearsal, so I told him to have his brother who was already in town go to the airport. But his brother was MIA and was not picking up his phone, so DH had to go himself. Long story short, I was over an hour late to the rehearsal (don't ask). When I arrived, only my parents, the videographer and the coordinator were there - No BMs, no GM. I was super stressed! I thought my BMs went there directly from the reception (I didn't know they went to go prep since they were having a suprise bacherolette party for me that night). I called DH who was of course stuck in traffic - at this time it was almost 6! The officiant was lost and was on his way. By this time, I told the videographer to just leave since it was pointless. I got numbers of all the groomsmen from FI and called each one and went crazy bridezilla b***h on all of them lol. Of course, I didnt mention the fact that I was late as well lol. They had no excuse since they all came in from out of town the day before or earlier that day and were staying in hotels close to the venue. 5 out of 7 including FI's brother (the best man) showed up a few minutes later. My sis (MOH) and another BM, and the officiant showed up. FI's came a little later. By this time, it was already past 6, and we rushed through the rehearsal.

My sis, BM and me went back to the hotel to change and head for the rehearsal dinner. My parents had said they would host the rehearsal dinner and I had no idea what they had planned so I just went along. Keep in mind that I couldnt reach the other BMs - they weren't picking up their phones to let me know why they missed the reahearsal. So when my sis told me we had to stop at one of the BMs house to pick her up, I was livid, but decided to keep my cool. She told me to come inside with her. I started to suspect something was up because I knew she didn't live there, but my sis told me that she was staying at her brother's place for the weekend since it was closer to the wedding venue. I decided to play along - I went in and they all yelled surprise!!! I was truly touched...everything was so nice and we had a blast!!! Here are some pics:

I'll recap the wedding in another thread...

With my BMs (minus 3)

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Re: Wedding Recap and more pics! Long!!! (Part 1)

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