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August 2011 Weddings

when did you

After you guys got engaged, when did you officially sit down and write out a guest list? Every one is asking if theyre invited and David keeps on saying sure so I think its time we sat down and did a rough draft guest list.

Re: when did you

  • I already have a rough draft of our guest list but a lot of it has to do with the fact that we don't see our family that often to sit down and talk about matters like this.  We wrote it up at Christmas time while both of our families were together.  While we are home this summer we are going to go over it again which I am actually kind of dreading because my MIL wants to invite everyone and anyone under the sun who has at some point in their life known my DH... but that is a whole other story...

    (For the newbies, I am already married, my husband is in the Army and we had a small JOP ceremony last November and we are having a big wedding when he gets out next summer)
  • We sat down and did the first past of our guest list about two weeks after we got engaged.  We didn't want to do anything (set budget or find a venue) without knowing what size we were looking at.  We haven't finalized the list yet, but we know the working number and will sit down finish it in the next three months, I think.
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    We haven't we have a number between 150-200 guest. We will probably send out save the dates in January so the plan is to have all parents and the two of us get our lists finalized by December so the STDs can go out then.
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  • we wrote down a rough guest list right before we started to look at venues in march. so we knew what our general numbers were. i think it's kind of rude that people would ask if they are invited though. they are pretty much inviting themselves. i wouldn't feel pressured by them. just tell them you haven't finalized the guest list yet.
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    I was so excited that on our way home from Canada where he proposed, I started writing the list in the car. We didn't actually finalize it though until about last month.
  • Like everyone else has said, we have a rough guest list. We compiled it when we started looking at venues in February.

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  • We figured one out shortly after getting engaged. It was almost 300 people. We've since cut it down to 175 now that we know what we can afford and all that.

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  • david thinks we shouldnt even do a list until we book a venue so we know how many we can fit. *sigh* i dont get it
  • I would encourage you to do it the way around, actually. It might be helpful to figure out who exactly must be invited to get a good starting number, then add in the people you would like to invite... this way you have an idea of what size of venue you need to be looking for. Once you start looking at venues you may have to work in both directions... you may find that it's too expensive to have the size wedding that you were hoping for, or you may find that you can afford a larger venue and could thus invite more people. Either way, I think most people find it helpful to have at least a priliminary range of numbers before they start looking at venues. At least that's how it was for us. :)

    Another thing to think about when you're talking about your guest list is food. If you plan to have any food at your reception at all, the number of guests that attend is really going to determine how much your catering bill comes out to... and I'm quickly finding that food is going to be the most expensive part our wedding. One thing my mom said to me when we starting putting our guest list together: "Yes, it would be nice to have this person at your wedding. But are they worth the $20 per person to feed them?" And $20 is just an average in my area... a plated dinner could cost up to $40 per person, while a buffet could be only $8 (this is the cheapest I've found). But even $8 per person times 200 people adds up to $1600. Just something to keep in mind.

    Sorry for being long-winded but I hope I helped!
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  • We have been working on this for a while. We know the count of our families, but after that it has been crazy. Unless we want to spend money on an extra tent and chairs to expand the greenhouse we can only fit 120. We are still working on our friends/co workers.
  • I would do a list first, then the venue. when we started looking, we had somewhat of an idea, idealy 130. We've found that most places we've looks require a minimum of 150, and we're now at almost 200.
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