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Inexpensive Small Wedding in SF?

We initially had $10,000 budget for our wedding but we did some more thinking and decided to use that money for traveling instead.  We only have about 15 guests so is it possible to have a wedding somewhere in San Francisco (reception and venue) for about $2,000?

Re: Inexpensive Small Wedding in SF?

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    The San Francisco city hall is beautiful, and I believe you can get married there for free. Not 100% sure on that. You should check it out. Im looking into a beachside wedding for about $2000 myself. If the beach doesn't work out for me I will be looking into the SF city hall
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    It's not free, but it's gorgeous.  We looked into it; check out the information.

    For a weekday you can do it under $2k
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    SF City Hall is gorgeous (I grew up there and used to work in that bldg.) You can do a civil ceremony on a weekday, which costs $95 for the license and $72 for the ceremony w/judge. The court house is pretty, marble throughout. Lots of people do this and then do a lunch/brunch at a nearby SF restaurant.

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    You could also reserve one of the flower gardens in Golden Gate Park- the Shakespeare Garden is one of the most popular but there are lots of options.  Then go to a restaurant with a small private room for lunch (cheaper) or dinner.  I think you should definitely be able to do it for $2000.
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    Hi there!
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