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July 2011 Weddings

***Katie and Andre***

Thanks for being concerned via FB! I was babysitting and the dad totally crashed into my car with is truck as he was leaving! I was so upset! He's paying to have it fixed though since it was obviously his fault lol.

Just wanted to say thanks for caring! xoxo!

Re: ***Katie and Andre***

  • OH MY GOSH!!! What an awful way to end your night!!! I hope Halloween is good to you do you have any plans?
  • What are your plans for the night? do you get a lot of trick or treaters?
  • Sorry for the threadjack..but holy moly glad you and everyone are ok! (Not that I know everything that happened...your OP sounds pretty intense tho!)
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  • Oh, my gosh! That totally stinks : P Guess his night out ended up costing him a little more than he thought! Ugh, sorry though, I know how it sucks to have to deal with such stupid stuff like unexpected car repairs, especially when it feels like things can't get any more busy/stressful!

    I'm glad it wasn't too serious, and hopefully FI can just have your back on this one- hope you had a relaxing Sunday! : )
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  • Yea FI said he would take care of it cuz he knows I've basically hit the breaking point with having too much to do and this is just a stupid thing that takes up more time and energy that I really do not have. I'm working 60 hours this week and have a ton of hw to do. Today has been pretty relaxing though.

    Thanks ladies!
  • Glad you're feeling a little better! Sometimes we just need to just let it all go and breathe... and smile Wink
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  • I know it's late, but I ate dinner at my parent's house and went out with my cousin while he was trick or treating. Now I am folding laundry and about to go to bed. This week is going to be crazy busy, so I probably won't be on here much.

    Have a good week! I hope it is better than your weekend! Laughing
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