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What's better..?

Is it better to get a Vendor that does everything from catering, flowers, dj, etc.
Or is it better to have individual vendors for each area?
What can be more affordable? Does it make a difference? I wish I was a but more informed but I feel lost at this point. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!! :

Re: What's better..?

  • Guess it depends on the pricing and reputation.  Event Planning companies have good connections with vendors, but will charge a fee of course for their services.  I can make the following referrals on personal experience - Love the Blooms (florist), Rubber Boots Photography (photographer), Mojito Groove (music) and SM Weddings (catering and planner).  If you need contact info for them, let me know.
  • Honestly, it boils down to being about the same cost regardless of which route you take. Go with the best vendors.

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  • Thank you for the info. I'll look into it and see what's best. I'm just really behind. Lol
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