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December Siggy Challenge!!

Re: December Siggy Challenge!!

  • He picked it out himself ☺

    TTC SINCE NOVEMBER 2012[url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/41151d]
  • He picked this out himself.
  • I had circled like three rings in a book and told him he can pick one and he picked my favorite of the three
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    Ugh, I'm so jealous girls.  ...Can I share a secret confession?  Ok, see...my situation is...well, here goes a jumbled mess, get on your seat belts!  I was proposed to just a couple months before having my FI and mine's son.  I come from a family who always plans these kinds of things out, the "first comes love then comes marriage" type of deal so I was unprepared at its finest.  When the FI started tossing around the idea of marriage, I didn't want my son to possibly look back and think the only reason we were getting married was because of him so I dragged my feet.  Well, I gave in those months before our son's birth and this was back in the summer of 2003. 

    My FI picked out my ring and truth be told...I'm not a huge fan of it.  I never have been.  It's something I think about fairly often, just wishing we had picked it out together or he had asked my input.  But on the other hand, I once lost it for nearly a month (he knew and knows how forgetful of a person I am) and yet I spent forever trying to find that ring online to no success. (The ring has since been found and rests on my finger at this moment =))

    I suppose I wonder what all of you would do in my shoes...do I keep this ring and suck it up?  Is there any other kind alternative?  Your suggestions are HIGHLY appreciated!
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_october-2011-weddings_december-siggy-challenge?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:650Discussion:c2997e2b-7b90-429e-a71d-3ed916af6f86Post:68297703-fdb4-4812-a042-30597402618a">Re: December Siggy Challenge!!</a>:
    Posted by AutumnEnchantment[/QUOTE]

    What about the jewelry store he purchased it at, can you upgrade to another ring? I hope you can that way you can have a ring that your absolutely love.
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  • I agree with the last post.  If it bothers you, you should see if you could upgrade at the store he got it at.  It's not that bad of a ring to be honest!  But if it's not what you like, you should tell him.  Ultimately,  you are the one that has to wear it the rest of your life!!! 
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  • You know, I felt guilty for sharing that confession and got to thinking...there's a reason I really never have brought that up before, because I don't want to hurt his feelings and besides, thinking back I also came to a conclusion.  When I thought that I had lost it, and he knew about it, I still wanted that same exact ring so I suppose that means I formed an attachment to it.

    Dang it.

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  • I think that once you wear it for awhile you get used to seeing it and grows on you...and like it. So I think that there was a reason for you looking for the exact same ring that you had lost in the first place.
  • Well I'm glad to hear that Kristy!!
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  • Yay!!  Problem solved!  Glad to hear!!  Wink
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