Third Impression Productions Videography...$750!!

Ladies, just finished talking with Third Impression Productions and they seem very legit!  Work seems good, and they seem accomodating.  I am so booked with appointments for when I fly in next month, that I might have to meet him at the airport...but I will keep you all posted...

Re: Third Impression Productions Videography...$750!!

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    Please do!  I want to meet with them too...its way under my budget!
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    Hello angeltennis3 ,

    Great news, I just got back from Indy and had an appointment with Third Impression, and it went great!  They are sooo accommodating, and nice and warm.  They're a husband and wife team, and what ever you want as far as the focus of the video, where you want them to be etc is all legit.  The price, is just that, the price.  There is no hour cap, there is no time limit, nothing.  Also they provide you with 12 DVDs of the wedding which includes a 2-4 min recap, a menu and  a whole lot more.  They even met my fiance and I at the airport before we took off, because we couldn't fit them any other time for our day of appointments.  So I'm sending in my deposit tomorrow, so I hope this helps, and if I can assist you in any other vendor let me know-good luck, and God Bless!
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    the samples seem kind of cheesy to me, maybe it's just me
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