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I was wondering if anyone has any trouble with their wedding website guest book.  I was able to erase it, but my ex, under a different name, signed it asking how long my wedding would last because of my choices (my cheating on him, being a lesbian) which are not true.  It was really hard to see, my fiance didn't believe it at all, but I was humiliated, and I don't know how many family members have seen it.  I have been with my fiance for 4 years, and my ex is married with a child.  I am frustrated.  And worried what he will do on my wedding day to ruin it.  

Re: website

  • Blueyed228Blueyed228 member
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    Maybe set it up with a password and send the password to your guest list?

    Your ex sounds like a real tool.

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  • Shazzie116Shazzie116 member
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    You should be able to delete any entries, or have it set up to approve any entries before they're posted. I'm sorry about that, he sounds like a douchewaffle. You might want to have a few people on call the day of your wedding to make sure he doesn't show up or pull any shenanigans.
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