Nigerian Brides Beware (Nigerian Caterers in Philadelphia Area)

I used Mama Dee in South Jersey for my wedding at The Radisson Warwick on Oct 13, 2012.  Her food tastes great and she is licensed and insured.  But I warn against using her.  Her real name is Moni Somoye and she is one of the most unprofessional vendors I dealt with on my wedding day.  We had a contract that we both signed where I detailed that I would pay her 100 dollars per hour for being present during the wedding reception.  Needless to say she didnt show up.  She sent her husband (a lawyer, not a licensed or insured caterer) as her replacement.  She claimed that they own the business together but that is not the arrangement we agreed upon. I never signed a contract between myself and her restaurant.  The contract was between myself and her "Moni Somoye."   I asked for my money back and she refused to give it back to me.  She also brought a wrong food item and wouldnt admit fault.  Also their magically wasnt enough food the day of.  I'm sure if she was present  she would have been able to keep an eye on the amount of food that was placed out.  She claimed that I told her there would be 150 to 200 guest when the hotel, my planner, and myself had told her multiple times that there would be 250 guests.  I told her the amount of guests and she told me the amount of trays of food to order.  She acts like she knows how to do events on large scales but she has no clue and wont admit to that.   Im still waiting for the 450 dollars she owes me.  Please stay clear of this woman when it comes to catering an important event.  Freely eat at her restaurant bc her food is good but I wouldnt take it any further than that.   If you plan on using her for an event just pick up the food from her restaurant and do not have her deliver it because you will be nothing but disappointed.  She still hasnt given me any type of apology and just blames me for being a rude client and also states my wedding planner was a rude person.  My planner is an awesome person who I would reccomend to anyone who is planning a wedding.

Re: Nigerian Brides Beware (Nigerian Caterers in Philadelphia Area)

  • That sucks.. I am Nigerian and my moms used a different caterers for my Yoruba engagement and it worked out..I find it hard doing business with my own people
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