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Hey knotties,

Well I jinxed myself the other day about getting in an accident.  I was in a left turning lane to get onto 95, the arrow turned green, I proceeded... next thing I know I'm plowing into a white car.  I mean took out his driverside!  He RAN THE REDLIGHT!  They had to get the jaws of life to get him out, I really do hope he's ok.  SOOOO glad I got the Jeep!

I'm ok, I got my knee and elbow xrayed and am now on crutches with a knee immobilizer.  But I think since the swelling went down on my knee they are unneeded, that and I'm pretty sure I'll hurt myself using these devil crutches!

Best thing, the driver wasn't the owner of the car, and the owner hasn't paid his car insurance!  So Im' going through my insurance and hope to get the 500 dedeucible back.  Shuold know Monday or Tuesday if my Jeep is totalled :( I loved my Beep (we nicknamed it since it's a compass and the littlest of the jeeps; baby+jeep = beep)
In the words of Amer - Crapastic!  I was laying in bed this morning thinking about faking a missed alarm, but I was like noooo I should go in!  Wish I listened to that little devil sometimes.
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