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Long Branch Hotels by McLoone's

We are planning to get married at McLoone's in the Spring. We are horrified at the prices of the nearby hotels (Ocean Place and The Bungalow)! It is way too much to ask our guests to pay. The Bungalow does not even give a discount for reserving a block of rooms and Ocean Place is still really expensive even with the discount! Has anyone else had this issue and found a good way to resolve it? I've heard there is a Sheraton a few miles away that a shuttle can be arranged for. Did this work out okay for guests? I also noticed there is a bed and breakfast called Ocean Court by the Sea. It is small, but at least it would give some people a cheaper option within walking distance. Does anyone know anything about this place? Their website does not seem to be very up to date. Thanks in advance! Any advice or information is greatly appreciated!

Re: Long Branch Hotels by McLoone's

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    I love the Bungalow but it is expensive. I think the Ocean Place is overpriced as well.
    Did you ask McCloone's who they recommend?
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    I got married at that Ocean Place and even with having the event there and the discount, it was still too much to ask people to pay for one night.  We actually used the La Quinta down 36 a bit, much better rates and the place was newly renovated so it was really nice inside.  I want to say it was about $119 or $129 a night.  
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    I went to a wedding there almost a year ago. The bride and groom got accommodations for their guests at the Eatontown Staybridge Hotel. That's where the family stayed and the bride and groom got ready (everyone was from the Bergen/Hudson County area). My FI and stayed at the Eatontown Sheraton on Route 35 right next door to the Staybridge. I think you're in good hands at either place. And it's a 5 minute drive to McCloone's.

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    And I have to say, we had an awesome time there. I love the windows and how they open them so that you can smell the ocean. Just gorgeous. Your day is going to be fantastic!!!
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    Check out the hotels right off of Parkway exit 105 - some of them shuttle and it is only 15 minutes away.
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    We are having our reception at waters edge in sea bright and am using the doubletree in tinton falls. Its right off exit 105
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    I was also going to suggest the hotels on rt 36.  I agree, the hotels near McLoone's are way overpriced.
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:90Discussion:9a63e237-63ba-4b0b-a93b-3fc15e492c0ePost:53f328d7-7e8a-4806-9efe-da719c224906">Re: Long Branch Hotels by McLoone's</a>:
    [QUOTE]We are having our reception at waters edge in sea bright and am using the doubletree in tinton falls. Its right off exit 105
    Posted by sully1927[/QUOTE]

    Our recption is at Waters Edge as well!  we're using Marriott Residence Inn and Marriott Courtyard - both in Tinton Falls.  Residence Inn requires a 2 night minimum; hence the reason for a 2nd hotel.

    While doing my research, I found the the doubletree, holiday inn express, staybridge and my marriotts to all be great!  the residence inn and courtyard gave me the best rates at $139 + per night - note this is a labor day wknd.
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