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Question for the marrieds

I'm sure this has been answered but I'm trying to get my list together of who all needs to tipped on Saturday.  My photog has her own company and is a family friend, MUA is a BM.  Just wanted a general list of who should get tipped.  Also what is the normal rate to tip??  Thanks ladies!!
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Re: Question for the marrieds

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    I tipped my Hair Stylist, MUA, DJ, and Ceremony Musician. 

    We also paid for our photographers hotel room as a big thank you for all they did for us but that was not expected nor required.
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    Thank you for starting this thread Dana.  I am also wondering about tipping.  I have a few articles about it, but they are all too general. 
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    We tipped the photogs even though they own their own business, our DJ, our venue lady to sweeten her up, our officiant, our flower person, our caterer, Colleen, my hair person, Becky and that's all I can think of.  Even though you don't have to tip vendors who own their own business, according to etiquette rules, we did anyways.

    I think our vendors got tipped before the evening started so if I had to do this over again, I would do it at the end and either add or take out depending on our experience. 
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    Well I know I'm not tipping my MUA because she flat out told me no (BM and best friend) because I'm throwing her baby shower in December and she said that was tip enough.  My hair lady is also a family friend I found her a very awesome ice tea glass set and jug thing at a craft show that I'm giving her for everything she has done.  I guess I need to give the venue, flowers, bakery, and DJ.  Our officiant is my uncle and we just bought him so gifts as a thank you.

    What is the average tip?  I just don't want to tip too little!!
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    We tipped our DJ 10%.  I tipped my MUA 20%.  We paid our ceremony musicians $10 each.  We hired paid officiants so we did not tip them.  We invited them to the RD and reception but they declined.

    My wedding coordinator told me I did not have to tip the florist or the cake delivery guy so I didn't.  Our venue charged a 20% service fee which included the gratuity.  Check with your venue/contract to make sure this fee isn't already included.

    Here is the guide I used when I was planning:
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    Our venue also had 20% gratuity in the contract so we did not give extra.

    We tipped MUA 20%, Hair 20%, Ceremony Musician 10%, DJ 10%.

    We didn't tip the florist (paid 10% for delivery and set up), or the cake delivery people. 
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    My friend did my make-up so I tipped them a little bit.  My tip to the officiant was more like a church donation.  We used an Ipod so we didn't have a DJ.  I did tip my photographer.  I tipped the lady that did my hair.  Oh and we also tipped the bartendar and the caterer included gratuity.

    I hope this helps.

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    Our venue already had a gratuity built into our quote.

    I tipped my MUA 20%.
    DJ got $40.
    Photographer got $50 I believe.
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