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    Adamar, yes it is!  They got back together over Christmas, and then she broke up with him again just a week ago. Which, to me, is fiiishy. Why did she not give it more time?  Why did she come back?  It's just very questionable to me, but they are both okay with stuff, so who am I to question? And I haven't.  At least not to either of them. Only to Allen and here.  But now she's saying she's going to stay in Sweden (she doesn't work, btw) until she finishes a class for her Master's.  Well, she can't finish her master's at all because she can't afford it. Her visa is now in question because it was connected with her FI's.  So for me... I don't get it. I don't understand why she's sticking around for a few months when she has no money here. That was what I asked her while saying "You have to do what you are comfortable with, but I don't understand." Which is in no way inflammatory.  

    I agree with you Bay.  It's not just about turning a blind eye to the things they do wrong.  I lost my longest friend (who was also my MOH) because she was sleeping with a married man and refused to see that it was wrong. Of course it's not just HER, because he would cheat no matter what, but I can't support your decision and listen to the drama that gets brought into this because of the decision YOU made to bring it in. 

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    I totally rock a bikini with my belly hanging out and plan to continue, too. :)
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  • That's awesome for your friend, Cfas.  I'm glad she straightened up.  Mine did, too, I guess.  She finally called her parents and told them she was doing cocaine and they got her into rehab and straightened her out.  But I don't think our friendship survived completely intact.  She was a BM in my wedding, but she got pregnant a few months ago and I found on FB.  I was sad until I realized that I hadn't told her ANYTHING about H's and my issues this past I mean, how can you really be upset?  Sometimes friends just drift, you know?

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  • When I was young and stupid and doing self-destructive things, I tended not to share that stuff with my friends because I knew that what I was doing was stupid.  Gah, I am glad I got through it all.

    I hope your friend gets her head out of the sand, Snippy, and listens to you.  Or at least does what I used to do and stop involving you in her self-imposed drama.  You gave her sound advice, and she should at least consider it, especially since it appears that her own decision making ability is questionable right now.
  • I have no idea what I'm going to do for dinner tonight.  I have school until 7:30, and then I need to try and workout.  Plus there's pretty much no food in the house. 

    Bay, I hear you on friends drifting apart.  I went to a baby shower a little while ago that had some old friends at it.  It was fun, but it definitely made me realize that I've moved past some of those friendships. 
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  • That would be pretty much why I started questioning her in the first place, Mica.

    I think we have all had friends who've done this crap, but we'll see how it shapes out.  

    Sorry to totally threadjack guys, but I appreciate the support!
  • Damn it, now I want a doughnut.
  • Ugh. I just got a response from her where she said that my 'style of discussion' is too hard for her and she can't handle it right now. Oookay then. She then said that she needs a different kind of support right now, and that won't be inclusive of me. Awe.some. 

    I SERIOUSLY hate it when people say that they hate intrinsic parts of my personality but still want to be friends. Really?  How can you hate something that is so ME but still want to be friends? Stupid.
  • Bay and snip, I know how you feel about not being able to support bad habits. I've pretty much lost my best friend (who I consider my sister still, as we were very close step-sisters for 8 or 9 years and grew up together; she was also my MOH) because of her bad choices and lies. I hear through the grapevine that she's better now after rehab, and that she is afraid to call me because she "lied to me the most" and apparently can't face me.

    But after so long of trying to be supportive and having it thrown back in my face, I'm not making the first move. Not anymore, and not after the issues her lies caused. It hurts, but if she wants to fix this, then she has to make the effort.
  • Morning! 

    I can't wait until next week.  I get 3.5 day weekend this weekend, since I'm only working until noon tomorrow and Monday is a holiday.  Then I have friday of next week off, and I'll possibly take the afternoon off of the thursday, and I'm missing a morning on wednesday to go to the eye doctor.  Yay for barely any work next week! 
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  • Morning!  I'm glad the week is flying by, I can't wait to go away tomorrow afternoon for a couple of nights!

    Feel better Rosie!

    I'm sorry about the crappy friend situation Snippy. :(

    Good luck with all the unpacking MK; I hope all goes well and you start the new job soon!

  • That's totally understandable Sesh. Sometimes it just hurts too much to make that step. 

    Am I the only person in the world who hates Krispy Kreme? I think they are disgusting.

    But I WOULD like a doughnut.
  • I think they're gross too, Snip.  I don't like glazed donuts at all.
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    "Halloween may have loose women scantily clad...
    But Christmas has a pregnant virgin.

    Way cooler." - anna.oskar
  • DD is way better than KK.

    I saw on a talk show once (Ellen, I think) an interview with The Rock. Apparently he hates KK too and will only eat DD (I may have this reversed). Anyway, Ekllen tested him to see if he could identify which donought came from which place by tasting them blindfolded. And he got every one right, making a "oh, this is disgusting" face whenever he ate the KK ones. That made me lovehim even more.
  • Good morning all, unless TK decides to eat my post. I'm sure it'll show up in 4 hours somewhere in this thread... 

    Still waiting to her about how the doctor's are going to treat FMIL, she's still in the hospital. She's on a blood thinner (she has a mechanical heart valve) & has developed a bleeding ulcer in her small intestine. Needless to say, that is NOT a good combo (nor is waiting a week & a half to say anything, but that's just me being snarky). 

    My mom is thankfully is home resting & feeling really well for someone who had a double mastectomy on Monday. Hoping I can finally get to crocheting her a scarf with the awesome pink yarn I got tonight. 
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  • I hate doughnuts, so there's that.  I think the dough is gross.  Although, I will eat chocolate glazed from tim hortons, but they are not as doughie and soft, they are more cake-like.  Those are yum. 
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  • "Style of discussion".  That's a new one.

    I'm not a KK fan.  We had one in CT for awhile but it never caught on.  New England is pretty much owned by Dunkin Donuts so they closed down and moved out.

    I love me a DD Boston Creme donut.

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  • I've never had a DD.

    I see that SB was bored last night.  It isn't often that the AYG revives itself at night.  Huh.
  • DD chocolate glazed all the way for me.  And if I'm in Canada, I'm a sucker for Tim Horton's whole grain blueberry muffins (I think they're whole grain- they're the "healthy" kind).  And ironically enough, when I went out to the kitchen to get coffee, someone had brought in KK for us too.  Blech.

    Oh, and good morning everyone.
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  • Good morning!
    Snips, sorry about your friend.  Hopefully she will come to her senses.

    I LOVE KK glazed doughnuts but prefer DD for any other kinds (mostly the creme or custard filled ones)

    I can have about one doughnut a year though without feeling sick.

    I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday.  It made me sad when it was Thursday.  I think I'm just super excited for next week.  Monday I have the day off and then Fri-Sun next week we are going to visit one of my best friends in Charlotte.
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  • Christ. Anyone remember the guy who got everyone sick before finally being forced to the doc only to discover that after 4 months of hacking up his lungs has walking pneumonia and whooping cough? Well he was off for a week to get better. He came back yesterday and today all I've heard is throat clearing and coughing every 30 seconds. I'm so over this guy's shiit.

    Mica, that was mostly the result of summer. Shocking, I know.
  • Morning again!  I think my post disappeared.  I'm very happy the week is flying by, I can't wait to go away tomorrow afternoon for a few nights!
  • Sesh, that guy is gross.  I think he should at least request to be moved to part of the office where he is less distracting and less likely to contaminate everyone.

    Perhaps you can start a petition :P
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  • Yeah, KK is a southern thing, DD is definitely a northeast-New England thing.  I know my friend who moved to California said that they didn't have it out there and she practically went through withdrawl. 

    Oh man, Mica, if there was any way I could ship you a DD donut without it being as hard as a rock when it got there, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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  • Morning ladies.  DD is my favorite.  I love their white hot chocolate! 

    I am on the downward slide to my four day weekend.  I have to work this morning, then an appointment with my knee surgeon  (3 month post surgery check).  Then, FI and I are going in search of snow. 

    We sat down last night and addressed all of our STD's (I know we are kinda late on this).  I wrote the addresses and FI stuffed, sealed, and stickered.  He is so into and helpful with this wedding stuff, I must admit it makes me scratch my head in amazement.  Not questioning it, just sitting back and wondering about it.

    Feel better Bay and Rosie, and any others, Admar, who are not quite feeling 100%.
  • July, there is no place like that. Unless he set up shop in the stairwell or something. We're just a big floor of endless rows of cubicles. And even worse, every time he coughs or whatever, he sighs loudly and bitches to himself about it. On top of bitching about whatever he's working on at the moment.
  • Sesh -- ick.  I hate those sounds.

    I remember when KK came to northern California.  I was in college.  I have no idea how my friends convinced me to wait over an hour for a stupid doughnut.  I guess it was a "thing" for all the transplanted southerners.
  • Thanks, Bay.  :)  There are DD in Tampa, I just haven't been to one.  My cravings for doughnuts never come at a time when it's convenient to get one.
  • Sesh, you need an isolation tent, either for him or yourself.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Thursday Morning!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Sesh, you need an isolation tent, either for him or yourself.
    Posted by ski2play[/QUOTE]

    I vote for him.  Sesh shouldn't be punished for the guy continuing to hack up his respiratory organs.
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