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**Sigh** - My first Bridezilla Moment I guess. (My not so brief vent.)

I am getting married on the Labor Day weekend which means because it is a Labor Day weekend and I am the Saturday evening bride my venue will most likely have a Friday night, Saturday AM, and Sunday wedding events. 

I seem to be, however, the only bride so far who is getting draping for her wedding.  The issue I have is having enough time for my designer to get the drapes up in the allotted time of 2 hrs prior to my wedding if all of the wedding slots are taken.  Normally if there is no wedding the night before or morning of design setup can get in early and get an additional hour or so to set up.

The venue says I can go ahead and set the drapes up early but it will mean that the Friday night bride, Saturday AM bride, and possibly the Sunday bride will have use of my drapes for free.  I understand that I can't force my design choice on someone else and ask them to pay for it but I also can't see my drapes becoming communal property.

The venue offered to ask the other brides if they would be willing to split the cost with me if they too wanted draping.  So far the Sunday bride says it's not in her budget but she is willing to have them for free and I can leave them up and take them down after her event. 

There currenlty is no Sat AM bride but there is Friday wedding contract pending.  No Sat AM bride means my issue is resolved but if the Friday bride wants to split the bill then hey that is money saved.  But wait...

Here's the kicker.  My planner and I asked today what happens if I go ahead and set the drapes up early Friday night and the drapes get damaged ? 

The answer:  the venue can't make the Friday couple pay for the damage unless the cost is split AND the draping comes from the venue.  Otherwise I am short.  SAY WHAT?  I may be paying all of  the bill and may end up with some jacked up drapes too?!!

My designer's draping is $800 less than the venue's draping.  But to avoid all this mess I feel compelled to pay the extra $800 for draping from the venue.  That way if the other brides wish to not split the cost at least if it gets damaged I am ensured that the draping will be replaced.  They do a great job on draping but dag saving $800 is saving $800.  

I guess I just need to woosah and get over it.  So if no one reads this.  I got it all out and feel better.  Self therapy I suppose.  LOL!

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Re: **Sigh** - My first Bridezilla Moment I guess. (My not so brief vent.)

  • Have you asked the vendor if 2 hours prior to the event is enough to set up the drapes? Im also having draping done and the vendor said it will take them 1.5 to drape the ceiling and the walls. If they are professionals I feel that is an adequate amount of time to get it done. 

    It seems as if they want to set them up early to give themself more time and for the convienence but I don't know that it is a "need". I would look over the contract and see what amount of time is required before letting them stress you. 

    And def don't pay 800 more! Do you know what you can do with that money lol


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    Dang...scratching my head on that one...but you have to understand if it was in other brides budget they wouldve had their own draping prior to being asked..even splittin the cost might have been out of their budget.( I can say this because draping is out of my budget..full cost..even half cost)...if its in your budget the $800 might be worth you piece of mind and sanity..glad you whoosaaa it out..and the rrraarr monster is gone..hope you feel better..stress is a I.also agree with pp abot checkin the contract it just might be enough time for set up..then you wont hv to stress
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  • OH Man.. That sucks! HMM I say ask your vendor how long it will take. Just to make sure you have all the info. I say don't pay the $800 until you know for a facet, they need more than two hours- even if they can add a rush fee and bring another helper to set up, that should be cheaper than $800...
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  • I would definitely try to wait it out and see the outcome of the pending Friday evening situation. Since it's pending there may not be a wedding Friday night or the bride might be willing to split the cost. You might just have to play a waiting game on this one. Try to focus on another aspect of the wedding until this situation plays out. And pray about it because God can fix it!
  • Thank you ladies.  I really appreciate the sound advice.

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

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