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October 2011 Weddings


It has been so long since I have been on so I want to ask.......WR and NWR

WR- Nothing! I am still lost on what to do with the girl who was going to be my MOH. I tried to talk to her today and work out what was going wrong but didn't get very far. I will figure it out soon (I hope!)

NWR- Crazy busy life right now! trying to afford my sons daycare.It costs so much and it is making me broke! But we are making it as good as we can. We have been working on making some new wines. Tonight we are going to make sketter pee lol! It is a Lemon wine and is supposed to be really good. Next will be the mulberry wine, we just need a few more weeks to collect the ripe berries!

Oh and also I have started my weight loss program. I have lost 5 pounds so far. I work out at Xpose and it is so awesome! Add that with a VERY healthy diet and WHAMO! the fat falls right off lol!

Can't wait to hear all about what I have been missing out on!

Re: WOW!

  • Hello ladies!

    WR-Nothin going on but I have been looking around for invites...I'm in LOVE with this ladies: http://www.etsy.com/shop/laurenalexab

    It's a little out of my budget, but FI might be getting a new job soon, if he does our Wedding Budget gets to go up a little bit!

    NWR-FI may be getting his old job back.  He LOVED that place and got let go for hardly any reason at all because the new female manager is a serious bitch.  Well, now she's going to get fired or the option to retire in about a month (which is being nice.)  When it happens, the new manager in lines' first list of priorities includes giving FI his job back.  :) :)  I'm SO happy for him because he misses it so much and he made some BANK there.  Woot, woot!!!! 

    I'm sorry for the people that's job situations suck.  :(  We've been really lucky/blessed lately and I hope it continues.  We needed this so badly....I'm still paying off shiit from being with my ex.  And that sucks!

    Hope everyone else's week is going ok, it is Thursday!  =)
  • WR: Not too much. I found a photographer that I like, but I have to email her and see what her prices are. Other than that, not too much.

    NWR: Not too much! haha! I lead a very boring life! My one friend and I are planning a trip to Atlantic City in July, but who knows if it'll happen. FI and I also threw around the idea of taking a vacay to vegas since he's getting a bunch of overtime now.

    Kristy - that's awesome that he might be getting his old job back!! 
  • WR-Nothing.  We're not doing anything else until September-ish until I get my 401k loan check. 

    NWR-Pretty much the same.  Just spent $700 having my car fixed and need to come up with another $150 to have the shocks fixed.  Ugh.  Stupid car is lucky I only owe 7 more months on it...
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  • Dear Car,
    I'm sorry I called you stupid.  I do really like you. 
    Please don't break anything else because I can't afford to fix you-er, I mean, I can't stand watching you suffer. 
    Crossing my fingers for 7 more months...
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  • WR:  I am thinking of changing my date...I dont think I can wait until October...especially when I never wanted October.  I am about to book my venue though...less than a month. :) (So I guess I better pick a date soon!) And I am debating starting to look at dresses.

    NWR:  I am about to have a nervous breakdown at work!  But I think I will make it through it! :)
  • Yea! I am so happy to be back on and hear all about what all you girls are up to! I am going to try to make time to get on more often!
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